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Lauren is a awesome singer, actress,and writer. Her songs can take you away from where ever you are, and take you to a whole different place. She has the perfect rock/pop voice, it is just spectacular. Lauren is someone that is truly out having fun, and bringing a lot of enjoyment to people that hears or sees her.

Lauren is climbing right on up in her acting career. Many people may have seen her on the “Tim and Eric`s Awesome Show”. She has gone from this show to playing a regular on a new show called “New Girl”. This show will premier September 20, on Fox right after Glee. This show stars Zooey Deschannel. On the show she will be playing young Zooey throughout the  season. Lauren said, she had a blast shooting the show. With Lauren in this new show you can bet is will be awesome.

She might be a great actress, but her singing and song writing are out of this world. Lauren has been singing ever since she was very little, but it wasn`t until she was about eight that she started taking vocal lessons. She is currently taking lessons from, Billy Purnell.  Her first public performance came when she was five at a community play. The only problem with doing this performance was, she had to perform the song in Norwegian, and she didn`t know the language, but she ended up learning, and was a lot of fun for her doing it. Most of her performances after that  were around her hometown of Anchorage Alaska. Since her beginning she has performed at many places around the country, and one of these places was at Six Flags over Texas this past June.  This was a lot of fun for her because she got to perform with some friends of her`s. She says, it was a cool atmosphere having all the roller coasters around her. She also really liked performing at Whiskey A GoGo, because it is such a famous venue, and many people`s career was started there.

For Lauren singing is a great way to express herself, and she can not see herself with out music, it is a big part of her life. When she gets really mad about something she finds the right song on her Ipod and starts singing as loud as she can. This allows her to get a lot of her feelings out, and she says, there is a song for every feeling.

Lauren grew up listening to classic rock and her dad`s music, and she fell in love with it. A lot of people would tell her since she was a girl and young, that she had to do Disney/pop music. She says, she has nothing against that kind of music, and would sing it, but that is not what she is passionate about. She loves bands like Journey, Queen, and Bon Jovi. Her biggest inspirations come from the band Paramore, because their lyrics make you think, and have heart. Lauren also has the inspiration to tell people it is ok to be different. (This is the correct attitude to have, different is always good).

Lauren has been doing a lot of writing, and will have a new CD coming out soon with eight songs that she wrote. The CD is called, “No Apologizes”. On the CD is a song called “This is my Thank You”, and it was written for a great friend of her`s  and was a way to thank her friend for all the wonderful things she had done for her. No Apologizes is a song Lauren really loves, because she has gotten so many comments about how inspiring the song is, and that makes her feel good inside. Her ideas for writing comes from many places, like best friend fights, to just being mad about something, things that many people can relate to. When she is singing her songs, she does believe every word she sings. This makes for the greatest artists, believing and living the story.

She is talented in so many ways, but the important thing is, she is just a normal girl having fun. Even though music is a big part of her life she does always make time for regular fun. She likes to ski, go fishing,  play around on the computer , and of coarse hang out with good friends. Lauren does how ever want to take her career as far as she can, while making sure she stays who she is. She will always stick to what she believes in and make sure that her family and friends keep her grounded. Lauren is a very grounded young lady, kind, and has a good humor. She is someone that is not afraid to talk with her fans, and appreciates them all.