Lexi Luca

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Lexi is a superstar on the rise. She can take a song from Alica Keys or something country, and put that big voice of hers behind it, delivering it to you with feeling and meaning. She has amazing charisma to go with that wonderful voice of hers, giving her the advantage over many. It is this kind of combination that makes the great superstars of music.

Lexi loves how singing makes her feel, but more important to her is how it makes others feel. Sometimes when she is performing there will be people in the audience crying and some with big smiles from ear to ear.  She started putting smiles on people’s faces at a place called, Connolly’s when she was eleven years old. There was a group of them that would go and do a three hour karaoke set to showcase new talent. In 2010 she started performing at the Wellington Amphitheater, this is an outdoor venue where a lot of people come, and she loves the large crowds. Here she has also had the pleasure of sharing the stage here 2 years in a row with Vanilla Ice. She also loves performing at the South Florida Fair. There is always a huge crowd here and the bigger the better for Lexi.

Lexi has been in many competitions and has placed runner up on most. She has competed at Palm Beach Got Talent, Palm Beach Idol, and Starz of The Future. Recently she auditioned for the X Factor and made it all the way through to perform for the executive producers.

She takes a lot of guidance from Taylor Swift. She likes how Taylor never gave up, she kept performing where ever she could until her time came, and once she got famous Taylor stayed who she was. Lexi feels that Taylor is a great role model for the way she has handled her fame, and Lexi wants to be just like that when it is her turn for fame.   Just like Taylor, Lexi also does a lot to help others with charity. Lexi is a part of a group, Tunes For Tots and they perform at festivals, fairs, carnivals and local establishments to raise money for the Make A Wish Foundation. They grant wishes with the money they raise. She loves doing this, getting to do what she loves and making wishes come true for others are unfortunately terminally ill. She is also part of Starz Kids Angel Network, they perform to raise money for scholarships to send less fortunate kids to art programs.

Lexi is just like any other fifteen year old, but instead of playing a sport , she performs. She practices five days per week, and has gigs on weekends. She has put her talents to very good use helping others, and her performances does put many smiles on people’s faces. She hopes to be able to bring happiness to people for a long time to come. Maybe one day the right person in the industry will see her, and like what they hear, and change her life for ever. Lexi has everything that the industry likes, and her gift for music gives her the edge that just might take her to the top of the charts, just like her idol, Taylor Swift.