Lina Kuduzovic


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This beautiful seven year old from Slovenia, sings like a true angel. When she starts to sing she literally sets people’s minds to wondering, how can someone so young sing so beautifully, and with such feeling that touches everyone that listens. Lina does touch people with her music, no one can listen and not be moved by that incredible voice. It is hard to put words to her, Lina being just seven with so much control and power, it is like she has been singing for many years, but yet that is not so, this is the work of angels.

It was discovered at age three by her parents when she started singing the song “My Humps” by the Black Eyed Peas. Her teacher also noticed her singing many songs, and then by the time she was five, she was singing, “I Will Always Love You”, by Whitney Houston. This is a amazing accomplishment, adults have a hard time with this song, and here she is at five singing it wonderfully. She continues to sing these powerful and complicated songs, and does it so brilliantly. Lina is  just pure amazement, when she sings all eyes and ears are on her taking in every word she sings. This is just the start to her becoming a major star in her country and reaching many others.  When she started school, Lina was enrolled in a music class, and was excited to practice singing and piano. It was not long before she made her first appearance, doing some local events. Lina was then invited to perform for the program Dobro Jutro in 2009. At the end of 2009, she took part in a singing competition for kids, here she did not place in the top three, but this did not stop her. Little did she know, her moment was coming, and it did. Slovenia Got Talent was looking for talent, and they found it, April 2010. She stepped out on stage and started singing “I Will Always Love You”, and you can look around the audience and the judges and see the tears come to their eyes, what a amazing moment, and this moment changed a little girls life. She continued on in the competition, and on June 6 , 2010 she won, singing “The Power Of Love” in front of all of Slovenia. This gave rise to a very young, but one talented superstar, Lina Kuduzovic.

One can only imagine, as talented as she is now, and the stardom she is enjoying, where she will be in five years time. The sky is the limit for Lina, and somewhere in those next five years it would not be any surprise that she will become one of the youngest international superstars. Lina has everything it takes, and the talent that most can only dream of having. She is someone that you will never forget once you hear her, and she is in for one amazing journey. Be on the look out for her very first CD coming November 20, called “Believe In Dreams”. This CD will contain five songs in her native language and five in English, don’t miss it.