Loic Van Hoydonck

Would like you to meet this fantastic young man , Loc Van Hoydonck , twelve years and lives in Champery in the Swiss Alps  .  He plays the guitar and sings so smoothly , his voice and guitar are  very well balanced. This is something many people don`t do . Above he is playing ” Mr Rock and Roll ”  ( I just love how nicely it all fits together ).     He has Belgium and English nationalities and his first language is French , he also speaks German , English and a bit of Italian.


Loic started playing the piano at age six then about three years ago he started playing the guitar and then singing to accompany his playing.  I am glad he decided to sing with his guitar so beautifully matched.  He started putting videos up on YouTube about a year and a half ago mainly to show his family and friends in Belgium and England his music.  That was a great decision not only did his family and friends see them but! , so did other people and his journey began .  A French television company TF1 seen his videos and contacted him to be on a show called Petites Stars in which he performed live. They told him he had a great voice ( he does )  so he began taking singing courses,_ his teacher is Polish and was a jazz singer. He got to play some of his songs in Switzerland at a humoristic festival  Maxie Rire ( below is one of the songs he performed ) .

This year he got contacted again by another French Television for a competition on Canal J he made it through to the semi final.  He will be singing in another contest this year on a Swiss Television but, the dates are not set yet. How ever each time he is asked to do a contest he insists on performing live with his guitar , because he considers himself a guitar player first. He was also filmed for a TV magazine for channel M6 called 100% Mag .  Loic certainly has a big future ahead of him.

I asked him how he picks his songs ” he says ” he prefers songs with nice text , and likes to put a lot of emotions in them , ( I think does fantastic with that ) .  Loic is also a very rounded young man not only does he makes great music he competes in running , swimming and triathlon as well as tennis , and has many medals and trophies from these events.  In all aspects Loic is certainly a winner. He has a fantastic voice, he plays the guitar beautifully . I enjoy listening to him and I hope that many of you will too. Please give Loic your support and stop by his channeland say hi.. Thank you so much Loic..

Loic Van Hoydonck Audio Introduction