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Lucas coming out of Oklahoma with a big voice and a bigger heart. When ever you see Lucas you can count on a good song and if some one is down and out, you can bet Lucas will be the first to lend a helping hand. One thing about Lucas when it comes to singing all you have to do is ask, and he will let go with such a wonderful voice filling you with pure joy. The majority of the time when Lucas sings it will be accapella, he loves to sing this way to allow him to do what ever he wants with the song. He has been singing accapella throughout his whole life, but occasionally he will sing with a band or track when he has the opportunity.

Lucas is a ten year old farm boy living on his grandmother`s farm along with his mom, and a disabled brother. He says, that the voice he has and everything he does comes from God. Lucas began using God`s gift very soon after he was born. At just nine months he was already singing, with his first two songs being “Jesus Loves Me” and “The Rainbow Song”. There was no time wasted in bringing  Lucas`s brilliant voice to the public, with his first public appearance at eighteen months performing at a hockey game singing “God Bless America”. Then at just two and a half years he sang the National Anthem for the first time at the Wichita Kansas Coliseum for the Wichita Thunder Ice Hockey game. This is another amazing thing about Lucas, and that is  he has never been afraid to perform at anytime.

Lucas Ciliberti at stars2come Lucas may have been born with an amazing voice, but he also has one amazing vocal coach. His mentor and vocal coach is the world famous opera star, Leona Mitchell. He has attended her summer music camp for kids since he was three years old. He said he was very lucky to have gotten to sing with her, and do a solo in the opera “La Bohem” at the Edin Symphony Hall. Lucas just began guitar about a year ago, and with the ease he has for learning anything with music he will be just as amazing with guitar as he is with his singing. He hopes to be able to accompany himself when singing some day.

In March 2011 Lucas performed as a part of the NACMAI in Pigeon Forge at the Country Tonight Theater.  He put on an amazing show here, and he really loved performing at the theater. At the NACMAI he came out on top winning some great awards. He walked away with Entertainer Of The Year, Vocalist Of The Year, and Individual Dance Of The Year for clogging.  This was very exciting for him, and up until just before he had to go on stage he did not know what he was going to sing. He said, he let God tell him what to do, and he was certainly led in the right direction. Not only did he do very well performing here, he was also the only performer out of about 600 people that got a standing ovation, this was according to the MC.  After the awards show Lucas got to meet Lori Morgan. He says, she is an amazing singer, and he felt honored when she asked him to sing for her.  Lucas has been blessed in many ways, and as the story goes on you will see. Lucas even though he done an incredible job at the theater, he could not have made the trip with out some sacrifice. Lucas`s family has never had much money so in order for him to make this long trip his grandmother decided to sell one of her cows so that he would not miss out on this great opportunity. This was a great sacrifice for his grandmother due to the fact that she needed the cow to help pay her own bills.

Lucas has had a lot of great opportunities  come his way, and some of it has come from his love of singing the National Anthem. He is always in high demand to perform, even for major events. He has sang the National Anthem for the NBA Thunder, he really loved this, he had his own dressing room with a big screen TV. He has also performed for NASCAR, The Harlem Globetrotters, and Horse Races, plus many others. He often goes to Branson, he likes going here and singing for The Gospel Praise Gathering, and Branson Radio Live.  Here recently he performed in Nashville during the CMA fest. He done an amazing job as always at the Nashville Spotlight showcase, but after spending some time with him while in Nashville, it was easy to see there was much more to Lucas. There is something magical about him that allows doors to open everywhere and every one loves him. Walking around Nashville looking through the resturants and honkytonks, he would simply stick his head in the door and he knew if it was a place for him to sing. He did end up singing at several places and people loved him. We moved on over to the Brigestone Arena and just as we walked in they locked the doors. The people there asked if they could be of help, and one of these people was head of entertainment at the arena. Once Lucas found out, he said, “he could sing”, and the guy said, go a head, he did and Lucas was hired on the spot by Brigstone Arena to perform during the CMA fest. It was an amazing experience to watch how such wonderful things happen to Lucas.

Lucas Ciliberti at stars2comeLucas does have a lot of great things come his way because of his singing, but perhaps even more so from the kind and gentle person that he is. Lucas looks at life and people in a much different way than most, and he is a true giver, not a taker. Lucas has grown up with a severely handicapped brother who is now sixteen years old.  This has taught him a lot, and now with his understanding about people who can not live a normal or happy life for what ever the reason, he is the first to step up and help. He does a lot of amazing things for people, and one of his signature features about him is his long hair. He has been growing it for many years, it is for Locks Of Love.   He started growing it because his best friend Emmit has Leukemia, who is now in remission. He said, lots of people thinks he is a girl, but he does not mind because it is for something good. He loves to go and perform for Seniors, the disabled, and special needs people. He loves to put smiles on their faces. Lucas also gives back the rewards that he receives. While walking through Nashville it was amazing to see who Lucas really is as a person. Many of the places that he sang, the people there would give him tips, and it was not long before he was sharing his good fortune. Once outside of one of these places the Red Cross was taking donations for the tornado relief, and he did not hesitate in giving the money he was given for the relief . Lucas himself does not have any money, but yet when he earns a little he is willing to share with others, and helping them have a little brighter day. He ran across a man that was trying to make a few dollars playing music on a corner, but the man had not made very much at all, and Lucas did not wait to give a few dollars to the man. He was always trying brighten anyone`s day and was never afraid to speak or help others. Once an older man in a wheelchair looked like he need something and Lucas went right up to him to see if he could help, while others just past him by. It could be because of all the good things he does for others, that so many good things come back to him. One of these good things was the trip to Nashville and the CMA fest, this was all given freely to Lucas and his mother, by another kind person. Everything he does including singing, he does for God, and to make others happy. He would love to some day have his own Christian TV show that helps kids get through their hard times. He is also the Ambassador for Locks Of Love.

Lucas has so much going for him in life and his talent. He is amazing at dance, and the dance he performed at NACMAI was one that he created himself.  Lucas has also been in a movie “Dark Mister”, acting and he sang the sound track to the movie “I Am Always Chasing Rainbows”. There is so much about Lucas and who he is, that one could easily write a book on him. What is here in this story does not even scratch the surface, and there will be many more stories to come. If you are ever out and run into Lucas in the Mall or on the street, ask him to sing for you, he will and you will leave with a smile and a brighter day. Lucas says, ” I Sing To Make People Happy”, and he does every time.