Lucia Gil


 I would like you to meet Lucia Gil twelve years old and lives in Spain. Lucia is multi talented, not only as a great artist but an actress as well. Lucia sings in Spanish and English . This is a big advantage for her, because this will gain her a larger audience and a bigger market for her talent. She is excellent at both, she is a true professional.  She is singing ” Y Aura Que ” above and below my favorite ” Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ” my opinion,_ completely awesome. I think because of her accent when singing English this gives more flavor , something extra  to the song ,  great control with her voice, all this combined making the songs in English better than the original. Many people might know Lucia from Disney Channel Spain. Lucia took a chance and now her dreams are coming true.

 Lucia says , she has been singing all her life. Her first time singing in public was when she was seven on Veo Veo in Madrid , which is a contest for young talent in song and dance. Since appearing on the show she has won the contest several times earning money for studying arts. From her first appearance on Veo Veo she has not stopped.

 Lucia took a chance last year and sent in a video for My Camp Rock put on by Disney Channel.  The song she sang in the video that was presented to My Camp Rock was ” This Is Me ” Originally sung by Demi Lovato  in Camp Rock , and this song got Lucia in the competition . There was several rounds like any other . In the final rounds she sang ” 2 Stars ” that was originally sung by Meaghan Martin  but in the movie Meaghan ( Tess ) lost the Final Jam competition with this song.  Well for Lucia it was a winner, she done a fantastic job of performing this song. ( I have enjoyed it very much ) Winning this,  she is now beginning to live her dream. Now she can be seen regular on Disney Channel , she is the host now for My Camp Rock introducing the new videos . She will be in a new series for next season but has not started filming yet. Lucia is also in a TV series now called Gran Reserva where she plays Claudia Cortazar. She plays along side actors Emilio Guterrez Caba and Tristan Ulloa.

 Lucia has done many benefits and concerts.  So far she has had concerts in Benidorm, Lanzarote, Madrid, Pamplona and Valencia, she is hoping for new concerts this summer. Watching her videos from some of these concerts it is plain to see her fans really love her . She connects very well with the audience , great stage presence, always moving,  the fans wanting to touch her when she gets close enough. From what I see I believe she just could,_ become a super star, she certainly has the makings for it and the reaction of her fans shows,_  it could very well happen. She could very well turn out to be another Hannah Montana , she has the talent and the fans to make it happen.  ( I hope she goes for it ). I know here in the US and being on the Disney Channel she would be moving up to where Miley and Demi are and I think she deserves to be there. Just like the song says ” girls wanna have fun ” , well she is having fun and it shows that she is having the time of here life. She is truly happy.

 Lucia in my opinion should be an inspiration to all who are looking to live their dream , not to wait until something great comes to you,  but get out and take a chance, audition for what ever comes along , who knows maybe you will be living your dream like Lucia. I hope everyone will take time and watch her videos I am sure you will be as amazed as me. Not only is she a spectacular performer but she is a super nice person and a great new friend. In the player below I will have her audition video and her winning song for My Camp Rock along with songs in both Spanish and English please enjoy…….