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Lucy is an 11 year old singer, songwriter and musician living in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.  Apparently, Lucy was born with a strong desire to entertain because she, at the tender age of 3 years old, would climb up onto the gigantic piano and imitate the likes of Norah Jones, Billy Joel (mainly The Piano Man), Carol King and Missy Higgins.  Lucy’s parents reportedly have some vintage footage on tape to be converted to digital at some point.  The truth is that Lucy started singing formally at 8 years old when she was invited to sing at her Auntie’s wedding where she performed “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” in the presence of 80 people.

Lucy Loves to act as well and has been involved in some school plays and holiday programs.  She also used to do Classical Ballet and Jazz but the dance school she was attending pushed and demanded way too much for young Lucy to enjoy what she was doing; so at 3rd Grade Ballet and Jazz, Lucy stopped doing dance.  The above really illustrates the harm that can be done by pushing a child to perform without adding any pleasure to the task at hand.  Lucy still enjoys dancing in the privacy of her own room.

Lucy Sugerman at stars2come Lucy is a self professed computer geek, sports nerd and chess freak.  Lucy is very self driven and has been awarded 23 trophies and 7 medals for her skill in Chess, and was also awarded a trophy for winning the Australian School Teams Championship.  Incredibly, Lucy designed her own website in its entirety, including all of the material within.  Something really incredible is that Lucy has made many of her own videos while editing in the music and transitions herself.  Lucy has heaps of fun paying Minecraft because she believes it’s the best computer game ever made and would play it all day long if allowed; therefore, her parents have limited her to only being permitted to play for one hour each time.

For Lucy, her creativity and passion doesn’t end with what has already been mentioned.  She would have never been permitted to engage in any of her interests without being an academician first and foremost; consequently, Lucy received the year 6 Academic Award for 2012.  Lucy also loves to go swimming every opportunity she gets and states that she can “swim like a fish.”  Lucy came last by a long shot in the Cross Country running carnival when she first started school and from then on she was determined that this would never happen again, so by year 6 Lucy came first.  Lucy really enjoys playing soccer.

Now, in regards to music, Lucy has an amazing time performing and devotes many hours to perfecting her craft.  She’s been taking classical violin lessons for 7 years and is about to take her Australian Music Examination Board fifth grade exam in June of this year.  Lucy also took classical piano lessons for 5 years and made it to 4th grade when her mum said she no longer had to take lessons anymore if she didn’t want to, so Lucy stopped, but still plays the piano for fun and recording.  Lucy has been playing the guitar for 2 years by learning it on her own and recently took up the drums.  Lucy also takes classical voice lessons on top of everything else that she does.

Lucy has a long history of busking for her personal gains and for charity alike.  Lucy goes busking almost every holidays and has made enough to purchase all of her recording software, instruments, microphones and amplifiers.  In January of 2011, Lucy went busking to raise money for the people displaced by the Queensland and Victorian floods and made over $1,500.00!  Recently, Lucy also went busking for the Salvation Army on Christmas Eve, 2012, and made over $150.00 in 40 minutes.

Helping earn money for the flood victims gained Lucy the attention of her local Win News on TV and the clip is on her YouTube channel.  Lucy has even been interviewed by Canberra’s local radio 92.7 Artsound FM on a program called “Discovery.”  In addition, Lucy has been featured in two magazines, one called Total Girl and another called Girl Power.

Lucy has been involved performing in public and in competitions.  Lucy’s favorite performance was being given the opportunity to perform at the National Folk Festival in 2012 by being invited to play in the adult’s Bohemia Bar after the coordinators of the Kid’s Blackboard heard her performance.  The above was really exciting for Lucy even though she only played one song, one of her originals called, “Between Us.”  Lucy also was delighted to play at Floriade for rock school in October of 2012.

Floriade started in 1998 and it has run every year since then with each year having a new theme and is currently the largest flower festival in the Southern hemisphere with over 300,000 visitors each year.  In addition, Lucy has entered the Australian National Eisteddfod twice.  The first time for Lucy was in 2011 and she received HC (highly commended) in the Folk Category and Any Song Category and 3rd place in Popular Song/Musical Theatre.  In 2012, Lucy came in 3rd in the Folk Category.

Lucy has one CD out currently and is working on a second.  Her first CD was made in 2011 right before she turned 10 years old and is called “Just Nine,” and it has seven covers and seven original songs on it.  All of the musical arrangements on the album were done by Lucy herself.  The CD can be purchased from her website and the link will be supplied below.  Lucy is currently working on a second CD called “Simple Words,” which is the title of one of her originals, and the reason for this is apparently because the song has a lot of lyrics made of simple words that carry great meaning.

When it comes to having a favorite artist, Lucy really has two that mean a lot to her, Katie Melua and Taylor Swift.  Lucy really loves to cover Katie Melua because her vocal range suits hers very well and Katie Melua writes thoughtful songs, and she also enjoys covering Taylor Swift because she loves playing and adding the instrumentals to all of the songs for recording on her covers.  It’s not just singing that Lucy loves, but music in general that stimulates her mind, allowing her to escape from her daily routine besides being fun and wonderful to the senses.

Lucy Sugerman at stars2come Lucy can’t take her musical instruments everywhere, but can always take her voice with her wherever she goes.  Lucy is very passionate about music and can turn to it whether she’s happy or upset.  When Lucy is bored she plays music, when she needs a break from school work she has her music to turn to.  If Lucy isn’t physically playing her instruments or singing, then she’s listening to, writing it, or researching music.  Incredibly, even when she’s playing Minecraft she’s also writing parodies for it.  Lucy’s goal is to have music as her full time career because she enjoys music more than anything in life, and to be able to fulfill that dream would mean the world to her.  Although Lucy is only 11 years old, she’s very aware that it would be the thrill of her life to make a living and get paid for something she truly loves.

Some additional information concerning Lucy is that she has written nearly 30 songs all together, but only two are on YouTube at this time.  Her song, “The Future’s So Bright” is very special to Lucy because she wrote it especially for her graduation from Year 6 at school.  Lucy is a very observant young lady and gets her ideas for songs from her experiences in life.  When it comes to learning covers, Lucy can learn most pieces of music very easily, add instruments to existing music, and harmonize and improvise by ear rather effortlessly.

Everyone tells Lucy that what she does is really amazing, but to her it’s something that just comes naturally.  Most of the time Lucy performs everything by ear and hardly ever uses notation to learn music, even though she gets into trouble by her classical music teachers because they want her to read and interpret the music written in front of her.  When Lucy goes busking she can play and sing 30 to 40 songs nonstop because she has memorized all of the music and lyrics by heart.  Lucy may have a great memory for music, but according to her parents she can’t remember where she leaves her clothes, homework… etcetera.  So it goes with most all regular kids, but that’s where the commonality ends.  To learn more about Lucy Sugerman and stay apprised of the activities in her life, then please visit these websites listed herein: website, YouTube, RaterBug, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, and, Google+.

Story by: Perry Malinos a stars2come contributor.