Lydia Waldrop

Lydia Waldrop at stars2come




Lydia is a great new country artist from Tennessee. Her voice carries a new country sound smooth and soft, she will be amazing on tear jerkers with that kind of voice. However don’t let that soft voice fool you, because when it is called for, she can take her voice up to the rafters with power and precision.  Lydia presents herself well on stage with a stylish country look. Appearing with such style, there will be many young ladies trying to copy her, and you cannot get a better compliment than that.

Lydia made her first singing appearance when she was nine years old. She performed in a Christmas program with her vocal studio. At her first performance she sang Tennessee Christmas. This was everyone’s first taste of what was to come from Lydia.

There have been many performances  since her beginning, and one of her favorites is when Lydia performed one of her very first original songs called, You Say. This was at a spring recital. Another was performing at an acoustic show.

A couple of Lydia’s favorite artists she enjoys covering are, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert. Lydia likes the songs these artists sing because they tell stories and send messages. When Lydia is singing, she hopes to touch at least one person with her music. Even though she enjoys singing her favorite covers, it is more rewarding singing an original and someone is singing along with it. That is the best. Lydia’s goal is to be a country music artist one day  inspiring others. With the talent she possesses, Lydia will inspire many along her journey.

People in the area that Lydia lives are taking notice of her talent, and has placed in several local contests. She placed second at the Delta Fair Youth talent senior contest; she sang beautifully. She has also placed at a few preliminaries leading up to the mid south fair. Recently Lydia placed first at a talent show held at her school. There will be many more firsts to come.

Lydia is a songwriter as well as an artist with twelve to fifteen written. One of these songs stands out to her because it is a song about her grandfather who passed away a few years ago, it is called, Remember Me Always. It is her own life experiences that inspires the songs she writes.

She dreams that when people hear her name and listens to her music, that her songs can touch their hearts and can relate similar experiences in their lives. This dream is sure to come, and her performance of, Never Neverland shows the precision she has to take her there. Lydia’s dream may be of country music, and she could possibly be another Carrie Underwood if, she uses that power more often. But that voice of her’s is geared for contemporary music much like Mariah Carey and if she can find a way to combined the two, then she could rise above the stars and beyond.