Lyra Jazmine

Lyra Jazmine at stars2come

Lyra is a wonderful person from the Philippines, but now lives in LA. She has great promise as a vocalist and actress. Lyra puts a lot of work, in everything she does and it shows in her videos. Lyra is also very photogenic, and would make an outstanding actress, this face belongs on TV. It is easy to imaging her on the Disney Channel.

 Lyra`s dream started at four years old when she began singing. Then at six she began her vocal training, and she has been working her way up ever since. Also at six years old, she got involved with some acting. She became a part of a musical play called, “A Little Song Of Christmas”. She discovered that she liked acting when she was  about four years old,  she would copy the commercials and TV shows , and it was a lot of fun. Ever since the first play she as been in several others since then, and most recent she was a part of Juan Velez`s music video, she was excited about this. To help along with her dream she is planning on taking some acting classes this coming summer. She loves acting, it has always been her dream, and she says, when your acting you get to be a whole different person.

 Lyra has not done a lot of public performing yet, but she has been singing some at school. She got to do a trio with her best friend and her best friend`s sister, and another time she was able to singing in front of her grandmother, making this a special performance for her. She did have something very special happen when she was in the Philippines. She attended a concert there and was interviewed. During the interview she was asked to sing her favorite song from the band “Boys Like Girls”, it was a very exciting experience for her.   She says, that when she is singing it lets her be herself when she sings a song. Lyra has great dreams like many. She loves challenges, and she is not a person who gives up easily. She does have the drive, and desire that it takes to bring ones dream to a reality. It will be great to warch her dream unfold.