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There are some really great sounds coming out of Canada and Lyric Dubee is leading the pack. He has always brought great music to his fans with his outstanding guitar playing and his gift for writing songs, he brings enjoyment to all. The great skills he has as an artist really showed through on his CD, “Broken Dreams’, but now he has out done himself with his new CD, “Alive”.

On his first CD, he had seven songs that blew people away, now on “Alive” his fans has nine new ones to jam out to, and they are awesome! Lyric put a lot of work into this CD, and boy does it show. This project took almost two years to put together, but his determination has really paid off. He started recording the album in the spring of 2012, but because of the many gigs and shows he had through the summer he was unable to complete it till the fall of 2012.

On the CD there is a song that really stands out called, “Perfection”. This song is about a girl who Lyric sees as perfect. Anyone listening to this song will definitely be able to relate.  The lyrics can bring memories of that perfect girl back, and   just how amazing she was when you first met her. Lyric writes and composes his own songs, and this song “is” Perfection. The harmonies were all done by Lyric, and they are perfect.

Lyric is not only a great writer, but an excellent instrumentalist. When he recorded the CD he played all the guitars, lead, rhythm, slide guitars and keyboards. For a couple of songs he brought in another guitarist to do some rhythm to get a different flare. Jeff Wardell the producer of the CD, added in the other instruments like the violin, bass and drums.

While Perfection is a great song, there are a couple of others on the CD that are special to Lyric. One of the songs is “Alarmed” this was the first song he wrote with a classical guitar. He says it means a lot to him to experiment with different sounds and try different writing techniques. The other song, “Star” was written in the car on a long drive to a gig six hours away. He wrote this on his MAC computer so it has a modern sound with a 70’s classic rock feel. He said the song has lots of layers that came out great in the studio. He is so right!

The title song, “Alive” is about Vampires. There is a song on his debut album about vampires and this is kind of continuation, but the songs sound totally different. He says the song is based slightly on Interview with a Vampire, the Vampire Diaries TV series and Twilight. It is about eternal life. It took him and his parents a bit of time to come up with the name for the CD and the song it’s self. They were listening to the newly recorded songs and were talking about what songs were their favorites. He still hadn’t decided on the title  yet, but after throwing around a few ideas they came up with Alive. They decided it would make a great name for the album because it reflects how he is growing musically and coming alive.

Lyric has a lot of great plans for this year, one of which is a large CD release party that will be recorded. He is also going to try to tour some new cities and countries like the U.S. He will be continuing to study for classic guitar exams and his major obstacle, conquer grade 7 before the end of the year.  While the making of his new CD was exciting, so was starting high school this past fall. He says his elementary school was very small with not many students, but the high school is five times that. He says he also likes the change and all the new friends he has met. At his new school he is experimenting with some new instruments, like saxophone and piano.

Alive is an excellent CD. Lyric’s talents as a musician and writer really shows through. This is a must have CD and be sure to stop by his website and pick up your copy, Alive.


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