Lyric Dubee “Black Ice”

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Lyric Dubee, sixteen year old Barrie teen and Nashville recording artist, releases first single “Black Ice” from his third album. Black Ice is another incredible song, Lyric continues to deliver great songs one after another. There are not many  artists that can create such works of art as Lyric does. The lyrics in his songs always have a great flow to them and are  written so well they never leave you head. The melody in Black Ice is hypnotizing and pulls you deeper into the story in the song. Lyric says he was just practicing some different air tap guitar techniques and came across the melody. The lyrics then fell together shortly after along with the rest of the song.

Black Ice is the first release of a 10 song CD he is currently working on. He will be releasing a single every 4 to 6 weeks with the drop of the album in January 2015. These songs were recorded in four different studios, with three of them being recorded in Nashville and the rest in Toronto. All of the songs on the album are either co-writes or songs he wrote on his own. On this album he teamed up with Nolan Neal, Bobby Amaru, Gord Richards and Dave Dunlop.

Lyric also shot an amazing video for Black Ice. This video was shot in an old abandoned house and that made for a great back drop with a lot of character, and gave it depth. It is about a girl who left you and then came back, however, now you do not want her back. This is a video you definitely want to see.

Lyric’s next song and video to come out is called, “They Say”. Lyric says, the video unlike the song is about a child coming to a new town/school trying to find his place in the new area. This is certainly something you want to keep an eye out for. Lyric continues to outdo himself with each and every song. He is a lot like Eric Clapton, you never know what is coming, but when it gets there it blows you away.

Lyric has been one busy artist, not only has he been working on his new CD, but went on tour through part of the US. His first tour here in the US he performed in Ohio, Kentucky and Nashville. This was a two week tour with eleven performances. After having the pleasure of seeing Lyric live, it is easy to say he is someone you never want to miss, he puts on an amazing show gaining the attention of all who are in ear shot. He will leave you wanting more every time. This may have been his first tour, but another is already being planned for 2015 after his CD release.

This year Lyric also this year attended the world’s biggest music festival called, SXSW (South By South West) in Texas. This festival had over 100 vendors and over 2200 performers. Lyric said SXSW was over the top, an amazing experience. He says there was music everywhere. While at SXSW he played two showcases for CIMA (Canadian Independent Music Association).

Lyric is one amazing artist with one great song after another, make sure to keep up with everything he does by following his website Lyric He is going to become a legend.