Lyric Dubee, The New Guitar God?

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Lyric has been making music for many years. Residing in Canada, Lyric first began entertaining people there bringing wonder and amazement to all who listened. Lyric then made his way to the USA playing in many towns from east to west, leaving everyone in awe. When he picks up a guitar it’s pure magic what he does. His fingers move effortlessly from one end to the other of the neck. Watching him make something from nothing with such ease you wonder how. Could he be the next guitar God?  He has become one of the greatest guitarists that rock or any genre has seen in a longtime.

Recently Lyric signed with Robert Knight. Robert is the photographer to the rock stars, and has been for a great number of years. Being a photographer for so many years, he has come to know talent. And when Lyric crossed his path through a friend on Facebook who happened to see Lyric perform in Toronto, he had to have him. Lyric says Robert told him he had, swagger! Robert has been very successful in the management of several young up and coming  artists. Some of these artists include, Sick Puppies, Tyler Bryant, and Shania Twain’s guitarist Joshua Ray Gooch.

Robert has photographed and worked with the greatest rock stars of all time like, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Slash and the list goes on and on. Now Robert adds another great rocker and guitarist to his already long list, Lyric Dubee.

Lyric’s great musical talents have also earned him a place with the, Brotherhood of the Guitar. This was founded by Robert Knight and he has partnered with Guitar Center and Fender among others in search of the best guitar players in the world. Lyric says he is lucky and fortunate enough to be inducted into the, Brotherhood of the Guitar in August of this year.

Everything  turned for Lyric beginning in July when Robert contacted him. Lyric attended a Prodigy Camp in Washington after winning a scholarship to be one of twenty attending the camp. Since he was already on the west coast, he flew down afterwards to meet Robert for a few days. In the short time he was there, he got to meet many people including Grammy Award Winning Producer, Warren Huart. After this meeting, Robert then made his way to Canada in September, and Lyric signed to be under his management.

Lyric Dubee band at stars2come  No time was wasted, plans were immediately in the works. Lyric began recording  with Warren Huart in September and finished a five song EP. Robert then hand-picked a talented band to back Lyric up. These great musicians came from all around, Hunter Craig bass from LA, Bobby Rosson drums from Oregon, and Steve Costello guitar from Toronto. Photographer Maryanne Bilham made her way to Canada to shoot the band. Maryanne is a world class photographer and just did the new tour material for Def Leppard and Santana.

His management also booked him to perform for Sears. Sears showed some interest in Lyric, so they asked him to come and perform at their corporate Christmas party. Lyric said it was a great experience. He performed for the CEO and about 600 guests.

Now that the band is in place, a tour is being planned for 2015. They are  looking at debuting at NAMM  (National Association of Music Merchants)  January 2015. This is the world’s largest trade only event. After this event it is uncertain where they will tour first, USA, Canada or maybe Japan. It will really depend on the sponsors.

During Lyric’s trip to LA, he attended YAMAHA Artist Relations and performed for them. Lyric is now sponsored by Yamaha Acoustic Guitars. “It is a great honor and a beautiful instrument” says Lyric. He also had a private tour of the Fender Guitar Factory in Corona California. He said it was a great experience to see how they were made. Lyric got to see the custom necks that were made for Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Buddy Guy and many others waiting  to be duplicated for the next order. Along with all of this, he had other meetings while there, and came out with, Fender Electric Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, Dunlop Pedals and Guitar Center as his sponsors.

Lyric is very excited about what the future has in store for him. He looks forward to the new experiences, meeting new people, playing for future fans, and just getting his music out to the population so they can enjoy his music as much as he does.

There are many exciting things happening in Lyric’s life, and there will be many exciting things to come from him. Keep up with all of this excitement by checking his website regularly, Is Lyric Dubee the new guitar God? I say, yes!