Macie Ann

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Macie is one adorable young lady who is so much fun to watch on stage. In June 2014 she performed for the Nashville Spotlight show at Wild Wings Cafe. What a true pleasure it was to watch her performance. Everything about her is so professional which is hard to find in entertainers this young. Macie does have the star quality within.

It was not that long ago when Macie began chasing her dreams. She was eight years old when she made her first performance at a forth of July festival.

That first performance is nothing, but a memory now. Macie has been taking on singing gigs all around Tennessee bringing enjoyment to people at each  one. Macie got to perform at a fundraiser for the American Cancer Foundation at a local high school which meant a lot to her. This particular event touched home with her because her grandfather passed away with cancer when she was four years old. The students at the school put it all together. Her biggest show to date was at the Nature Fest in Fairview Tennessee. At this show she sang a 40 minute set. This show was also the biggest turnout for her.

Macie is not afraid of the stage when she is performing, it belongs to her, and she lets everyone know it. Her goal is to get the crowd excited and into the music. This is what makes Macie feel good and the audience love her. When she is out performing she loves to cover Taylor Swift’s songs because Taylor is easy to relate to. She hopes to one day have her music on the radio and have fans who have a good time listening to her music. Macie wants her music to make people happy when they are down or sad, this is how she feels she can help others the best.

If you are anywhere around White Bluff, Tennessee on October 11th be sure and stop by the Fall Festival. At the festival Macie will be performing an entire show by herself . The show starts at 5 pm her great-uncle will be accompanying her on guitar.

Macie enjoys singing cover songs, but hopes to have songs of her own, that she wrote. She does practice songwriting and has completed two so far. One of the songs is about  bullying and being picked on. She wrote the song with her grandfather after a bad year at school. The ideas she is getting for her songs are from things that happen at school, or with family and friends.

There are some interesting things about Macie maybe some people don’t know. Macie has a younger brother and sister, and all of their names begin with “M” as well as their dog. Singing and dancing is her favorite thing to do, but she also likes tumbling and cheer. She hopes to try out for the middle school squad next year. She loves to have fun all the time. Macie is herself no matter what others think.

Try not to miss anything Macie does, she is meant to be an entertainer. Whenever she is on stage Macie always has everyone’s attention. Check her out and she will become one of your favorites once you do.