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Everyone, meet the next major country music artist, fifteen year old MacKayla Hunter. MacKayla from Idaho, is burning up the country with her music and fantastic show. This girl stays in demand, and once you hear her music you can see why. She has a unique sound, and her writing is the best there is out there. MacKayla brings a great blend with her music, having that country vibe while at the same time having a bit of a pop sound to her. With this blend that she has, it will for sure take her to the top of the country and pop charts.

MacKayla has had an amazing journey for only beginning to to chase her dream just three short years ago. Unlike most people when they begin she didn`t start out singing then guitar, and then writing, oh no, she did all three right out of the gate. MacKayla taught herself to sing right after her dad taught her a few guitar chords when she was twelve. Shortly after all that she wrote her first song. She has been doing very well ever since she started.  Here only recently did she begin to take vocal lessons. She takes her training from Christie Cremer, in Idaho.

MacKayla did have a bit of nerves at her first public performance when she sang for her eight grade graduation. For the graduation she sang “Breath” by Taylor Swift, but it was not long before those nerves were no where to be found. She sang for three hundred people at this event, and when it was over she knew that performing is what she wanted to do.

MacKayla Hunter at stars2come  MacKayla`s popularity has grown fast since her beginning, and it is all coming from the star quality of her stage performances, and the amazing music she brings to the people. In February she had a CD release party at the Knitting Factory. This was her first big full band concert, and 700 people came out to see and hear her. This was a very amazing night for MacKayla, and gave her a taste of what it might be like in the future. Back in June she made a trip to Nashville, and performed at the famous Bluebird Cafe. MacKayla liked it here because there were so many others there wanting the same as her. It was fun for her to listen to all the different styles of writing, singing and playing. She loves intimate shows like that, and she made a lot of new friends at this one.

MacKayla has never been at a loss for words when it comes to her writing. She has written so many that she can not remember them all. She recently wrote a song about one of the boys that her parents adopted. Hudson is nine years old and the song she wrote tells the story of him and his birth mom from the view of the mother. MacKayla is excited about getting in the studio with this song, and she is looking for it to be released in November. November is National Adoption month, and she is hoping to give part of the proceeds to the agency that they used to adopt her new brothers. Some of her ideas for songs comes from people. She loves listening to life stories, and stories from different people and write songs. She says, the most fun thing about writing songs is being able to express your feelings in a way that is so beautiful, through music.

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MacKayla this past July 16 opened for Steve Holy at the Idaho Center in Boise for the Stampede for the Cure concert. She is not  a person that wants to take from anyone she is a giver, and she does her part in any way that she can to help others. How ever if you would like to catch one of her shows, she will be coming to a town close to you very soon. She is apart of the No Bully tour that is sweeping the nation. She will start out in Charlotte NC, on August 12, then moving on to Atlanta Ga., Nashville Tenn., Kansas City Mo., Omaha Ne., Tulsa Ok., and Austin Texas, all this in just seven days. So be sure to stop by and give her and the No Bully tour your support. For more info on the No Bully tour.

Her goal in life is to serve her Lord Jesus Christ in everything she does. She also wants to inspire people through her actions, and music. She wants to be a good role model and do what she loves at the same time. That is her dream and she is living it.

 MacKayla is a normal teenage girl hanging out with friends, and she also likes to collect old vinyl records. She goes out searching for these old records every chance she gets. There has been a lot of great music made on vinyl, but there has been many great artist come out today on CDs, and now we have another great artist out on CD and that is MacKayla Hunter, be sure to pick up your copy of “Bitter and Sweet” at her web site MacKayla hunter.   You can also follow her on facebook MacKayla Hunter.  MacKayla is someone you do not want to miss out on, she is fabulous.