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Mackenzie is an amazing artist from Canada and when she performs she is not just getting on stage to sing, she is there to put on a show. She is very crafted in entertaining through her theater experiences. She aims for no one to be bored at any of her shows, or watching her videos. Mackenzie can take any genre and make a brilliant show or video from it. She is one of those artist that can sing anything and always hold your attention.

The awesomeness of Mackenzie’s talent was first seen when she was just five years old. She sang a song from the 101 Dalmatians for her first talent competition at Ed’s (formerly Reds)  in West Edmonton Mall, and this launched her great career. From this start she has since put on many great performances, and a few of them were performing on stage with the David Foster Band, doing her own super elaborate show, and touring across Canada with a group of other rising Canadian artists. These have all been great experiences for her, she loves getting on stage and performing for people. She said these three performances gave her some of the best experiences of her career, allowing her to perform with great bands and dancers.

Mackenzie’s exceptional talent for singing has awarded her several wins in many competitions in Canada. At the beginning of her career she was big into competitions and she had a five year winning streak in the Northern Star Talent Search. More recently she was in the top 2 of the 91.7 the Bounce Radio Showdown and she has also received grants and bursaries that were given out to put towards her growing career. She has been recognized on several TV stations including, City TV, Breakfast Television, Global Television, and CBC Television for upcoming showcases, and some for her competition wins  Also some were televised performances to promote her music.

Mackenzie Dayle at stars2come When it comes to cover songs Mackenzie is very diverse, but her favorite artists to cover are Lady Gaga and Rihanna. She says they have interesting voices and diverse sounds within their music. She loves to perform their songs while making them her own. Mackenzie says that singing just gives her a large sense of freedom to be able to express herself through music. She is a very expressive person and loves to create elaborate shows that incorporates dancing, costumes, and awesome music. She says she loves  performing within the pop genre because it gives her a lot of room to break out and do crazy stuff that she would otherwise not have had the chance to do in her life. Musically she wants to keep growing as an artist and develop a fan base worldwide.

Mackenzie has been doing a lot of writing and co-writing and her great works can be found on her album, Give Me Some Action. One of her favorite songs on the album is one that she wrote when she was twelve years old called, “Will You Ever Be Mine”. She said at the time the lyrics were a bit immature and as she got older the song seemed to be a dud. Mackenzie figured on shelving the song, but her mom convinced her that it had potential and she give it another try. After she revisited the lyrics and giving it a super cool beat, she feel in love with it again. She even added a rapper to it and now it is her first and favorite song on the album. Mackenzie loves all the songs on her album, but she does have some favorites like, “Yeah” and “Give Me Some Action”. She says all the songs on the album represents her alter ego and the rebellious side  comes out through her music.

Mackenzie has some great things that she is looking forward to and one of them is she is looking forward to getting back to the songwriting stage, and get herself more original material. There is also a possibility of a USA tour coming up, and a new music video for one of her originals. She has so much great stuff going on and she is someone that is truly serious about her career and doing everything she can to entertain people where ever she goes. She loves adding elaborate aspects to each of her performances to make sure the audiences she performs for is never bored. She says this journey is for her fans and she always pushes herself to keep them entertained and music is a useful tool to make others happy and make them feel good about themselves. She is such an amazing artist and anyone who likes music is going to love Mackenzie, she is truly an entertainer.