Mackenzie Morgan


 I want to introduce Mackenzie Morgan , thirteen years old lives in Tennessee USA. This is country at its best, Mackenzie is pure country and she can perform with the best of them. Her voice is so clean and clear when she sings and has a great beauty to it. She is singing ” So Small ” by Carrie Underwood ( above ) I believe she could just step right into her shoes,  her performance of that song was as good,  if not better than Carrie.  This performance was at Riverbend Chattanooga Tennessee where she done an hour long performance with her band.

 Mackenzie began singing in church at age five .  She started singing at funerals of family and friends. Then at age seven she won a karaoke contest beating out nineteen other adults and teens. She says , from that night on it has been one open door after another , that she never set out to be a singer but God kind of sat it in her lap and said run with it and that is just what she done.  Mackenzie has been performing for flood benefits , fire and rescue and people who are sick. ( That is very noble and kind ) One of her favorite performances she done was at the White House annual Pageant of Peace  IT was held right next to the National Christmas Tree on December 23 , 2006 for about 18,000 people . She said , it was a lot fun singing while looking at the tree. Last year she was one of ten winners of the All Star Planet singing /song writing contest and got to go to LA and won a Daisy Rock guitar of her choice ” pink sparkly electric ” . She has also performed at the Jukebox Junction Theatre in Chattanooga Tennessee for the last two years . She has also performed at the Kentucky State  Senate in 2008 the state she is originally from . In 2009 she was on the Maury`s Most Talented kids show she said,  that was a blast. I asked her if she would tell her experience , here is what she said ::   The producers of the Maury Povich show found me on Youtube and sent us a message.  After we figured out it wasn’t some big joke, we were very excited.  Like I said before, they treated us like royalty.  The limo picked us up from our house at 4 a.m.  Our flight left Chattanooga at 6 a.m. and we got to Cincinnati  at 8:30 a.m.  From there we were supposed to fly out straight to New York.  WELL, there was a snow and ice storm that day in Cincinnati.  We were stuck on one plane for a few hours just sitting on the runway waiting to get de-iced, then, they put us off and on to another plane and we sat on that one for a few more hours!  We were supposed to have landed in New York at 11 a.m. that day, but it ended up being 5 PM!  There was a limo driver waiting to pick us up at the airport with a big sign with my name on it.  He took us to Maury’s studio and when we got there the producers gave us a menu and ordered us some food.  We were all starved having not been able to eat all day!  Then they took me to a room with the producer of the show and she had a script ready for me to “read with attitude” about me and my desire to sing and just all this kind of “sassy” talk that I would never say for real, but HEY…this IS t.v. you know!  Gotta make it bigger and more interesting you know!  So then, the producers asked to see the outfits I had brought for the show and THEY picked out which outfit they wanted me to wear.  After that, it was off with the limo driver to our fabulous hotel that the show provided…..  5 STAR and overlooking Central Park.  What a day!  We were too excited to be too tired, but we were slap happy by then because since we had to be up at 2 a.m. to be ready for the limo driver to pick us up at 4 a.m., we had had NO sleep the night before.  We slept very little on the plane since it was on the ground sitting still for most of the day.  The next morning we were at the studio by 7 a.m. and we had gobs of paperwork/contracts to fill out and sign.  We had to sign the contracts for “professional” singers because they said they considered us professionals.  They brought us all in some breakfast after that, and then we went in to the studio and did a rehearsal.  That’s the video I had on Youtube from the show….me in rehearsal that morning.  When the taping got started it went very fast, no re-takes.  It was awesome to see a professional show like that and see how it all works.  The thing that surprised me when I got on stage was how close the audience was from all sides of you. It was so much fun.  After the show we went to Maury’s office and everyone had their pic made with him and each other.  From there, it was back in the limo and to the airport.  We caught our flight and were back home late that night.  It was like a whirlwind, but really exciting.

 The song above is ” Coal Miners Daughter ” by Loretta Lynn. When I first discovered Mackenzie this was one of the first songs I heard and it drew me right in. There are many great country singers but not all,  have the old country sound . She has it and it is beautiful. Most people now are use to hearing New Country but what Mackenzie brings to the stage is, _ Real Country!   I don`t think anyone has  the sound she does since Pasty Cline and Loretta Lynn, and it is an awesome sound to anyone from the country. But don`t get me wrong she can perform anything and it`s all amazing (as you can see below ). There have been many great country stars and many yet to be , I know Mackenzie will be one that you will be seeing on The Grand Ole Opre soon. It takes roots and a country heart to be one of the great ones like Pasty Cline and she has it all and more. It takes these things to tell the story in a country song and Mackenzie tells it very very well.


She is certainly headed in the right direction some of her awards speak for themselves :

(NACMAI stands for North America Country Music Association, Int’l)
• NACMAI ’09 New Gospel F/ Entertainer of the Year
• NACMAI ’09 New Gospel F/ Vocalist of the Year
• NACMAI ’08 New Gospel F/ Entertainer of the Year
• NACMAI ’08 New Gospel F/ Vocalist of the Year
• NACMAI ’07 New Gospel F/ Entertainer of the Year
• NACMAI ’07 New Gospel F/ Vocalist of the Year
• 2009 New Gospel Female Entertainer of the Year –
Tennessee Country Music Association
• 2009 New Gospel Female Vocalist of the Year –
Tennessee Country Music Association
• 2008 New Gospel Female Entertainer of the Year –
Tennessee Country Music Association
• 2008 New Gospel Female Vocalist of the Year –
Tennessee Country Music Association
• 2007 & 2006 New Gospel Female Entertainer of the Yr –
Tennessee Country Music Association
• 2007 & 2006 New Gospel Female Vocalist of the Year –
Tennessee Country Music Association
• 2005 & 2006 International Young Performer of the Year –
Country Gospel Music Association
• 2005 & 2006 Young Performer of the Year –
Country Gospel Connection
And this is only part of her awards quite impressive indeed.  Mackenzie is country through and through, this_ is!  her destiny and one day in the not to distant future I will be buying a ticket to her show on The Grand Ole Opre. For anyone wanting to learn even more about Mackenzie can at , Mackenzie Morgan`s web site   Below in the player I have a video one of each year starting at seven till now and you can see that she is true country and just as good at seven as now..