Macy Tabor

Macy Tabor

Macy Tabor is a rising country music artist straight from Tennessee. She is a beautiful country lady, with a beautiful country voice to match. Just looking at her it is easy to see that a star is there. When Macy starts to sing, her true star power begins to shine. Macy carries an old-time true country honky-tonk sound in her voice. There is nothing like a honky-tonk voice, people who have it grabs people from within. It is one of the most believable types of singing voices there is. Whether it is country or gospel it will leave you with a great feeling inside. Macy uses her honky-tonk voice very effectively and once you hear it, you can’t get enough.

Her honky-tonk voice began to form almost as soon as she could speak. Music grew inside Macy with the help of her mom. Her mom always had music playing, she would be listening to country or 80’s rock. When Macy finally let people hear what she could do, it was in front of hundreds of people. She was four years old in Hollywood California at the International Presentation of Performers. It was a competition with kids from all over the US and Canada. They were competing in acting, singing and modeling, Macy competed in singing. “I competed for the very first time, with over 200 kids in my age group in the singing competition, and finished in the top ten” says Macy.

Ever since that competition at the age of four, Macy has been going strong with many performances. Every year now she performs at a show called, South Jackson Goes Country. This is a three day event where they act out commercials for different businesses, and at this event she sings with the house band. Two years ago she sang at Honky Tonk Central in Nashville during the CMA fest. She was brought up on stage by duo Branch and Dean. They have a song called, Your Ole Ladies Gone, and this song has a yodeling part in it, so they asked her to come on stage to do the yodeling part. “This was special to me because I look forward to one day singing myself at the CMA Festival” says Macy. She is getting closer to making that dream come true. Just last year she sang at the Texas Troubadour Theater on Friday night during the CMA Festival. “One of my most rewarding performances was getting to sing for the Vietnam Veterans that were in the 25th Infantry Division” says Macy. Listening to their stories and seeing the connection that they have with each other was very touching for her. It was an honor for her to perform for them, they were grateful, kind and appreciative. They are all heroes in her eyes.  For the past few years Macy has been performing in her hometown on Veterans Day. It is her way of giving back.

Macy has received a few awards for her singing. She received an award for finishing in the top ten at the International Presentation of Performers. She also finished in the top ten at the Dolly Parton Mountain Soul Vocal Competition at the Bloomin Barbecue & Bluegrass Festival in Sevierville, Tennessee last year. Macy finished in second place last month in the Coffee County Kids Have Talent contest.

The interaction with people plays a big part of what she loves about performing. “I have met so many wonderful people through my love for music. I love making people happy through music and performing” says Macy. When she is out performing and making people happy, she loves covering Miranda Lambert. She says she could do a whole set of just Miranda. Miranda is an inspiration to Macy, and she feels they have similar voices.

There are several shows already booked for Macy, if you would like to see her in person be making plans. On April 24th you can find her at the Cornbread Festival in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. She is also gearing up for the South Jackson Goes Country which practice begins in June, and the shows are in August. These are sure to be great shows.

Macy dreams of being a famous country singer one day. With a voice like her’s it is sure to come. Not only does she have a great voice, but she does work hard and puts 100% in everything she does. She is very patriotic, which goes along with almost all country singers, what a great thing. Macy is also proud that she can yodel. She is at home with country, it is who she is. Macy is pure country.