Maddie Wilson “Sail Away Soldier”

 Maddie Wilson at stars2come

It is great to have Maddie featured here again. She has been working very hard on her music and that hard work is paying off very well. Maddie has been busy writing songs and getting ready for her up coming debut CD. She writes about her environment and the songs she comes up with are amazing. She is currently working on two songs, one is “What`s Wrong With Me” and the other “You’d Be Amazed”. She says, she is really proud of the songs.   In the mean time she has been doing a few performances locally and working on her guitar for up coming performances.

Maddie has gotten to do some amazing things lately, one of these has been working with Shaun Barrowes from American Idol. Shaun contacted Maddie and her dad through YouTube. This was about the Live For Music series. This is a tour which helps high schools raise money for their music and arts departments. She thought this would be a great opportunity for more exposure and practice working with others. From here they have been making some awesome music together. Their first song together was “Waiting Outside The Lines” they was proud of this song, it received a lot of views on YouTube. Shaun wanted to work with her more, so they did a few more covers. Then they got together and wrote their first song, “Sail Away Soldier”, this was a fantastic song, and it was played on a online radio station that broadcasts to military troops. They liked it so much they want to play it more. “Sail Away Soldier” is meant to honor soldiers and their families because of the sacrifice that they make to help keep us free. For Maddie it meant more for her, she was thinking of her brother when she was helping write this song. Her brother is serving a church mission in Argentina for two years and she really misses him. This song gave her a chance to share some of her feeling about him. This is a beautiful song and the harmonies are perfect, their voices truly fit together very well. Fate has brought these two together, and it is easy to see why.

Maddie says, Shaun is a amazing pianist and musician. Working with him gave her a lot of expereince in harmonizing and working with others. She says, that it can be tough sometimes to agree on a arrangement, but when it comes together it is very rewarding. The rewards for their hard work is coming. They have been approached by Coca Cola for their song to be in a commercial. They don’t have all the details on this yet, but should know more soon. They have also entered a contest together to perform at the Stadium of Fire in July. The winners will open for Brad Paisley and David Archuletta in front of 50,000 people.  Her and Shaun have other great things planned as well. They are planning a public concert for August 3rd in Provo at the Covey Center. Here they will be performing solos and duets. They are going to also continue working together for Live For Music YouTube and TV series as they decide there are songs that makes sense.

Maddie and her dad have been looking at some other opportunities involving some music management companies that has contacted them. She will also be performing in Nashville in June and hopes to meet other people in the industry while there. Her CD should be finished a hopes to pass it out to some industry people. Maddie has so many wonderful things happening, that it is just a matter of time before she finds herself on national TV. Maddie is amazing, but not just in music, but as a person as well.