Maddie Wilson


   Maddie Wilson a beautiful and talented young lady.  Thirteen years old and lives in Utah , USA.  She has a voice that fits great with pop or country, one of the best things I like besides her music is that she is almost always smiling , it is awesome to see someone enjoying what they do so much.

    Maddie has been singing with a Performance Choir since she was three traveling all around the US .  Maddie takes vocal instruction from Dean Kaelin and Dan Whitley both of which studied under Seth Riggs and  is the vocal coach for David Archuleta . In September Maddie decided to change schools and go to a charter school with a good music program American Leadership Academy  . Maddie began a song writing class with mostly juniors and seniors , she said it was really hard at first . Her original song ” Fall For Me ” ( below ) 

began in school but, decided to do a different song for her project. Since she had started on ” Fall For Me ” she decided to make some changes and the ideas came from her sisters.( I don`t know what it was like before but,  it turned out awesome ) . Maddie for sure has a great talent for writing and the school is lucky to have her.  

    Maddie always seems to pick just the right song to sing that,  fits her,_ as well as her voice. She tells me that the lyrics are real important to her,  when deciding on a song .  She believes that our voices are a gift from god and we have the opportunity to lift up ourselves and others with music.  ( I am proud about how she looks at things, that most people look over ).  She always wants to share positive music with good clean lyrics and choose songs that she can connect with or relate to, other songs are just fun ” she says ” ( and that`s what it`s all about ) .  She has gotten to perform in many places , at the Utah State Fair , singing the Anthem at sporting events, she was also chosen to perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir  for their annual Christmas Choir which was shown nationally (what an honor).  Maddie is also one of two vocalist for the American Leadership Academy rock band , they have performed a few times and have a concert coming up May 24.  Maddie truly is a wonderful person as well as very talented . The voice that she has I truly believe will take her along a very rewarding path and I wish her nothing but the best. She has been very sweet to talk with and I am so glad,  she gave me this opportunity to write this story for her. Please do stop by her channel  and give her your support.