Maddox Ross


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 Now here is one handsome young man straight from Oklahoma. This little seven year old can really tear up a stage and turn the heads of anyone around in ear shot. Watching this young man perform is a blast, he is so much fun and has a lot of character when he is on stage. Maddox has such a wonderful personality when he is on stage, you don’t want to take your eyes off him. He is pure entertainment. One thing with Maddox, is no one even knows where his talent comes from, because no one in his family sings or plays any instruments. It has been a mystery to his whole family. Perhaps his talent came from watching CMT, and Garth Brooks DVD’s instead of cartoons while he was growing up. At just two years old you could find him singing and dragging his guitar around behind him. It is very clear that Maddox is pure country.

Maddox was four when he first appeared on stage. It was for a karaoke contest, in which he tied for first place with an eighteen year old. It has not taken long for people to start taking notice of Maddox and giving him the pleasure of performing in Branson with Neal McCoy. Not only is people taking notice, but this young man is packing home the awards for his performances. He was the Oklahoma Kids overall state winner with the highest scores of all ages. He also took first place in America Kids National competition in his age group, and was also in the top twenty of America’s Got Talent YouTube contest 2011.

Maddox has made his way to the TV screen. He was featured on Oklahoma Live which is a daily talk show, and showcases local talent. He has also been on Rodeo Opry Live which airs on Friday and Sunday nights in Oklahoma. Garth may not know it, but because of his DVD’s he has made a very positive influence on Maddox. Maddox has been crazy about Garth ever since he was two years old. He really likes him because Garth makes performing look so easy and fun. Plus he is a Okie too, and a OSU cowboy fan like Maddox. Maddox just loves being on stage. His mom says, he loves it so much that they about have to drag him off stage when his song is over.  He says,  that some day he hopes to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, and when he grows up to perform with his idol Garth Brooks. At the rate that Maddox is going he will see all his dreams come true, and if Garth happens to spot him some where he just might get one of his wishes very soon. He is going to be one person that will be a joy to watch grow in music. This young man is well on his way to making a big name for himself.  Please enjoy some of his performances.