Madi and Ana Heichel

Madi and Ana Heichel





There is nothing tighter than the bond of family. This holds just as true with Madison (Madi) and Juliana (Ana) Heichel. These two girls not only have a tight bond with each other, but also with their music. In their performances, the harmonies are perfect as well as their timing. Most often duets at this age have a hard time getting their voices in time, and together to create a good sound. This is not the case with Madi and Ana. Some of their ability can be attributed to practice, but much of it comes natural. When watching and listing to them sing, or just watching some of their antics, it seems one knows what the other is going to do before it happens. A connection only siblings posses. Everything falls into place smoothly and with little effort. This is all allowing them to grow quickly into sensations. Everybody loves their music and quirky videos. Their Vine account has already surpassed fourteen million views, and their YouTube is moving on up as well. Madi and Ana, great entertainment.

Madi and Ana have been singing together since they were very young. However, unlike most starting out singing in school or church, for these two, you could say McDonald’s is where it all began for them. When they were three and four years old their mom would often take them to McDonald’s for lunch. Just like any other, they too loved Happy Meals. While at McDonald’s they would climb in the tunnels and start singing. It was the echo effect on their voices the girls liked so much. It was not long before the staff became familiar with them. The lady cleaning the tables nicknamed them, singing sisters. Madi and Ana started competing in pageants that either included talent or as a requirement. Soon after they began, they were winning on state and national levels. They were winning enough trophies and crowns, that their dad had to rent a storage shed to house them all.

Madi and Ana are close-knit, but they are individuals and different things standout to each of them. The duo have been involved with countless performances of one type or another. Madi has a performance that stands out with her, this was a competition in late 2014. The format of the competition was similar to that of American Idol. This competition lasted for several weeks with the first month singing one song each week. After this, Madi had to learn two to three songs per week. All of her work paid off when she advanced to the finals. The judges chose two songs for her, and she picked the third. Madi chose, House Of The Rising Sun. She spent a great deal of time researching different performances of the song, and in the end settling on a version by Haley Reinhart from American Idol. It was the night of this performance that she knew without any doubt, performing is what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

  Ana had a performance standout to her, it was when she was about seven years old. This particular performance she played a horse in a local theater production. During this performance she never spoke a word, but would periodically breakout in song. It was a hilarious performance even-though she did spend the time tied to a tree. The audience rarely looked away, she kept them fixed on her with her facial expressions and movements. From this experience she discovered she had natural comedic abilities. “I am the personality in our sister duet”, says Ana.

In the fall of 2013 the duet auditioned to sing the National Anthem at the opening Cleveland Cavaliers game. They were chosen and on October 30, 2013 they stood in front of a sold out crowd in the middle of the court, and sang the National Anthem. Their performance left the audience in awe. And it was Ana’s high note on the word “Free” that sent the crowd roaring with cheers. After this, they were flooded with calls and emails from heads of events in Ohio to come and sing the National Anthem.

Madi and Ana Heichel  Madi and Ana have done very well in other competitions too. In 2013 they auditioned for America’s Got Talent and they advanced to the top 100 where they were placed on standby for the live show. Some of the singing competitions they have won  are, Voices of The City,  2014 Ohio’s Best New Talent, and in 2014 AAMTCO International Talent of The Year held in Las Vegas.

The girls have many performances under their belt now. With so many performances to their credit you would think nerves would be the last thing to bother them, but not so. Before heading out on stage the nerves take over from head to toe, but when they move out on stage, the nerves begin to fade away. “I love to hear the click of our high heals as we are walking on the stage and thru the red curtains”, says Madi. The girls say in a short time their music unites everyone in the room and for a little while, they provide an escape from worries in people’s lives.

When Madi and Ana are performing they like to cover many artists. They say some of their best Vines are covers of, Fall Out Boy. They also like covering Christina Aguilera’s songs. They like Christina’s songs because of their huge voices and Ana is mastering the runs. Audiences have come to love their live performances of, All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor and I’m Blonde by Bridgit Mendler. Their voices are different and have different ranges, but when put together it is magic. They are capturing audiences with every performance.

Madi and Ana’s goal is simple, they are hoping to be picked up by a recording label and release singles, albums and tour. They would love to have a show on Disney or Nickelodeon. Besides entertaining they also love fashion and would love to create a kids line based on how they dress.

The duo is becoming famous for their covers, but it will soon be because of their originals. They are songwriters and it has become a Sunday activity. If they are not performing, then you can find them in their basement making music in their studio. Everyone at their house plays a role, their dad is a musician, and mom a writer that has been published. They have about eight originals and a few have been recorded. One of their favorites is called, The Music In Me. It was written a few years ago for their mom on Mother’s Day. It is dedicated to their Poppi (their mom’s dad) who unexpectedly died five years ago. Poppi meant the world to them and even though they did not live close, you can be sure every night online they would be talking. And when it was time to go they would always end the call with, Sweet Adeline. Of course the girls would try to out sing one another and at times find themselves on the floor from one pushing the other. It was all a blast for them, and their Poppi loved it all. The Music In Me, it reminisces about special moments spent with Poppi, but forever wishing he was with them now. Another song that is a favorite is called, 2 Girls With A Dream. This song is about just what it says, the two of them with a dream. They say all of their music is personal and real because they have lived it.

Madi and Ana are just two normal girls ages twelve and fourteen. However their talent is not normal, they have been given a gift. Their talent is huge. What they have is rare in people their ages. The girls do work hard to perfect their voices, and they have done a good job of it. The tone and flexibility that they have is remarkable. It is hard to put any other word to it than, perfection.