Madi Lynn : Rising country music star

Madi Lynn at stars2come Madi is definitely a rising country music star performing every where and stealing the hearts of everyone. Since my last article ,  Madi has been non stop and if she continues to chase her dream the way she is , she is going to get it. This darling little girl has drive and determination , that is going to put her at the top of the country music charts. Madi is quite the entertainer , she connects very well with the audience and at times going down to them to greet them during her performance , this shows she has real class.

 Over the summer Madi has been very busy , she has performed the National Anthem many times. Some of the places she has been performing them at are Music Makers Competition at Museum of Civilization ,   Pop Shop All Stars Showcase , Rawhide Rodeo. Madi got a very special honor recently  performing the National Anthem for the Mexican Ambassador , she said , it was such a great moment and was very proud of herself  ( we all are proud of you Madi ). Afterwards she got to meet him and even got some pictures with him. The Ambassador in return gave her a doll from his country as a thank you gift. She was so well liked that she kept being stopped and complimented,  she said , it was so awesome to be told over and over.


Madi Lynn at stars2come When I say Madi is a star on the rise ,  that!  is exactly what she is. Stars on the Rise is an annual competition at the Central Canadian Exhibition , there they have two categories Junior 10 – 13 and Senior 14 – 20 year olds. Last year Madi came in second place , but this year she won first place singing ” L.O.V.E.   Madi auditioned in May and made it to the semi-finals , she then performed at the semi-finals on August 21 , from there on to the finals which was held August 27 . She had to perform against fifteen other finalist , she was shocked when they said , she had won. Madi says , the other contestants were so good that,  she didn`t really expect to win.  The judges for this could obviously see what the rest of us have known and that is Madi is a star.

 Madi has participated in Youth Music festival competition which is held in Montreal for four years. This year she was entered in nine categories from country , Broadway to pop and she ended up winning nine trophies , five of them first place. She loves this competition because you get to make so many good friends that you get to see each year. You support and encourage each other to go on without being nervous. She says , it is like one big fun party , staying in hotels , eat , swim and hang out with friends , then do the work they need to do and do it well. Madi has currently signed production demo deal with Demo King/Dalhouse Studio’s . Madi has sure come along way , but her journey is just beginning. One day I will turn on the radio and there will be Madi……