Madi Lynn

I would like to introduce Madi Lynn , eleven years old with the most amazing! country voice . I know once you hear Madi , you will see ,_ she! was made for country music. Above she is singing ” Walking After Mid-Night ” by Patsy Cline.  I am sure that Patsy is looking down with a big smile on her face every time Madi sings this song. ( It puts a smile on mine too ).

Madi lives Quebec , Canada. Madi started singing around seven and she is already making quite a name for herself. She is a regular at the Quebec – Ontario Youth Festival , she has had numerous first place finishes one of which was Festival Musique Jeunesse in 2009. Also in the same year she was the second place winner of Stars on the Rise. Madi spent most of 2009 performing around Canada and the US, while in the US she performed at Memphis and Nashville ( this is where she belongs ) . In Nashville she performed at Nashville Shores  ” she says ” she really liked playing here because she got to go to the water park afterwards. Then she got to do a song at, none other than,_ the Grand Ole Opry , no she didn`t get to perform on TV but, while taking a tour of it the tour guide asked what she did for fun , and ” Madi said ” I sing,  so she got to sing ” Blue ” on the Grand Ole Opry stage for her tour group and the one following. Even though it was not in front of millions of people ( I know she will one day ) that was awesome.

Above madi is performing ” Sing Sing ” this video you can really see how comfortable she is on stage and her presences. Which makes her not just a singer but a true performer.

Madi is going to be very busy this year. Right now she is working on an eight song original CD in Ottawa , Canada with Demo King from Dalhouse Studios. Madi will be performing at the Quebec-Ontario Youth Festival in June. She will have daily performances at the Central Canada Exhibition in late August and her very own solo show and pre-shows at the C.C.E. Madi is planing a return trip to Stars on the Rise , looking for that first place title.  Also in the fall she will be doing a three song demo recording . ” Madi says ” the only thing is,  she has three offers from three different companies willing to work with and record her , she doesn`t know which one to go with. ( If there is a problem to have I couldn`t think of one better than to have three music companies wanting to work with you ). This goes to show just how amazingly talented Madi is that she is being recognized in two different countries. ” Madi says ” some of her influences have been Reba McEntire , Patsy Cline and Dolly Parton . These influences has sure paid off for Madi , with a lot of great things happening for her, I predicted not far down the road she will become another country music legend . Madi definitely has the talent and the personality to get her there and I will be in line for her first CD and performance, on the Grand Ole Opry. Madi is a wonderful person and I hope everyone will stop by her channel and give her your support. I know she will appreciate it………