Madi Lee


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 It has been a pleasure to listen to Madi sing for the past year, and she has grown tremendously. Her vocals are just beautiful. Madi has a voice that it is very pleasant to listen to, and everyone will enjoy everything she sings. It is great how she uses hand gestures in a some of her songs, it lends so much to the story of the song helping those who watch her, become part of the story too.

  She may not have been on YouTube singing for too long, but according to her mom she has been at it since she could talk. Madi got her first taste of the stage at eight years old when she sang in a recital. This was for a large audience with a full band behind her, and she absolutely loved it. Then the summer before last she played Ariel in the play, Little Mermaid. This past summer she auditioned along with many other singers, and then was invited to sing at the county fair for an hour. This was a paid performance. Madi had so much fun that she knew  this is what she wanted to do from now on, sing and make people happy.  The city that Madi lives in started a talent competition for any talent, and Madi entered and won first place. She then performed her entire song for the city at a festival.

Singing is something makes Madi very happy, and there is nothing that she would rather be doing. She says, that music makes people feel good and that makes her happy. Madi certainly does this with her music, it does make you feel good, and put a big smile on your face. She hopes to be able to sing for people all over the world some day, and have a wonderful career with music.

Madi has started writing as well. She has already co-written one song. Sometimes she just writes lyrics based on ideas she gets from things happening in her life. Songwriting is a big part of being an artist and she is getting a good start. Lea Michelle inspires her the most musically. Madi says, Lea has the best singing voice she has ever heard.

The main thing for Madi is that music makes her happy. It is easy to see how happy she is when singing, it shows in all of her performances. It is important to be happy at what you do, and try to have as much fun as possible. Madi is certainly happy and having fun. Her music will brighten anyone’s day. Madi always says, singing!,   is there anything else?