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 We have one fantastic pop singer coming up in the music world, and her name is, Madison Logan. Madison has an incredible voice, and her song writing is amazing. Madison can deliver a song like she has been  singing for years. The soft tone she has really compliments all her music. It`s just beautiful.

 Madison did start pretty early in life. At around six years old she began singing in music theater productions. Once she turned nine she began training and singing as a pop artist. She has worked with a lot of great vocal coaches, but right now she is working with Nick Cooper and Billy Purnell. Madison`s talent didn`t start with singing how ever it began with competitive Ice-skating when she was just three years old. She excelled in ice-skating, and has won several trophies for it, and now she is taking that same drive and is excelling in music.

Madison has been putting on some great performances, and one of her favorites was at the Chino Hills Promenade. This one really stands out to her because it started drizzling and she had always wondered what it would be like to perform in the rain. She said, the experience of performing in the rain was magical, because they had all the Christmas lights on.  Her singing talent has not gone unnoticed. Madison has received several trophies for her singing. She got one for being a finalist in the Inland Idol singing competition. She also received a trophy for being a child soloist performing with Golden State Pops Orchestra.

 Madison gets a lot of her inspiration for her music from Taylor Swift, Brad Paisley, and Sheryl Crow. She likes these people because they are great singers/songwriters. They all have different styles for writing, and portrays their ideas in music differently. She uses what she learns from all these great people and applys it to her own music. What Madison does with music is amazing. One of the songs she wrote was “Unforgettable”. This is the first song she ever wrote with her guitar. She wrote it about a guy who is completely incredible. She started listing things she liked about him, and then she came up with the pre-chorus first and then built the rest of the song around it.  This song once she finished was amazing, and is a song that everyone will love.

 Her talents are not limited to only music. She is also a great actress and has been in several commercials including, Barbie, and Bratz Dolls. She has had some small roles on TV shows, but her biggest roles have been on stage, where she has performed the lead roles of some of her favorite musicals. Madison at the age of eight started designing her own clothes, and hopes to get a degree in fashion and have her own clothing line someday. She is a very rounded girl who loves not only to sing and write, but reading and baking. She loves to bake anything cookies, cupcakes you name it she bakes it. She says, her dad calls her the, Mad Baker.

Madison is a great person for anyone to look up to. She puts so much effort and work into everything she does, and it all shows. For Madison the thing she likes most is being on stage. This is where she feels the most comfortable. She loves to see the reaction from people when she performs, and loves to see the smiles on their faces when she is singing.  That is one thing for sure, Madison can sure put a smile on your face.