Maggie Baugh

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Maggie is a great vocalist and musician. She can really throw down on the fiddle, and turn right around grab a guitar and bring life to any song. She is serious when it comes to music and the love she has for shows through when she picks up one of her instruments. Maggie is not limited to the fiddle and guitar she can also play the mandolin and piano. To have the desire to pick up and play so many comes from only the love of music.

Maggie is a person who wants to do her own thing when it comes to music. Most of the music she plays and sings are her own originals that she has written. She says, she rarely does covers unless she can change it to make it her own version of the song. This is what many artists have trouble understanding when it comes to covers, learning to make it yours and not sound just like the original version. Maggie is just twelve years old and already knows who she is as an artist. This is a great accomplishment, and this will allow her to rise up ahead of many others. She is the kind of artist that the record companies look for. The Bluegrass and Country music industry have a brand new star coming up.

Maggie really likes Taylor Swift because she seems to like all her songs, and Suite Caroline Kole, because she inspired Maggie to sing. Maggie is doing very well with her music and here recently she won the Tween Girls Magazine “show us your talent” contest. In September she was interviewed and performed live on WLRN  91.3 FM radio station, that was about a thirty minute show. Singing has become her life, she even sings when no one is watching. Maggie has a wonderful life ahead of her in music, and will make a great addition to the country music industry. She is showing off a bit of what she can do this month at the International Songwriters festival in Nashville. In January she will be a featured songwriter on one of her favorite events, The Chrystal Hartigan Presents Singer Songwriter Showcase at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts.  So far she has written twelve great songs and is currently performing seven of those. Each song is about her life and what she is feeling, with several of these songs talking about middle school and being bullied in the sixth grade.  Maggie hopes that people will have fun listening to her music now and in the future. She says, she is sure having a blast making it. Maggie does not have anything to worry about when it comes to people enjoying her music, because it is great stuff. Who ever has not heard her yet, truly does not know what they are missing.