Makayla Lynn “Takes on Nashville”!

Photo by Angela Lemmon Photography
Photo by Angela Lemmon Photography






Makayla is an extremely talented songwriter, guitarist and vocalist who continues to amaze and entertain people from Canada to the U.S. She may be only eleven years old, but her talents go far beyond her years. When an artist truly loves music, it shows through in their performances and their creativity; Makayla is one of these artists. In every song she sings, and every song she writes you can sense the love and happiness she has for music.

Makayla has written over 30 songs and continues writing everyday and some of her creativity can be found on her two CD’s. Her second CD, “The Music In Me” is all 100% Makayla. She not only wrote and sang the songs, but the guitar and piano is all her as well. This CD really shows off what she can really do. Songs can often pop into her head anytime, but more often than not it seems to happen a lot on the school bus. She always carries a note pad for when any idea comes to her mind wherever she may be . She says if she meets someone and they are happy she will write about it, or if they are sad she will write about that. She also says because she is so young that she can only write about things she knows, and that makes it hard sometimes.

She is a girl who stays very busy performing, and is well liked everywhere she goes. Makayla has had some amazing performances this past year, and has met some pretty major artists along the way. She got to perform on the main stage at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival just ahead of Lauren Alaina and Alabama in front of 17,000 people. She also played at the  Boots and Hearts Festival with Carrie Underwood. At this show she was not supposed to meet Carrie, but at the last-minute the promoters to her back to say hello. She said it was really amazing.

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Makayla did have an amazing year in 2012 with many great performances, but maybe nothing as amazing as when she takes on Nashville. This trip to Nashville was sort of a birthday present. She already knew she was going to be flying to Toronto to play in the Discovery Series at Hugh’s Room, but then her mom and her mom’s friend decided to put her in the car and drive her to Nashville. They were waiting to tell Makayla on her birthday in May, but couldn’t wait that long. Instead her mom and sister surprised her on Easter weekend with a cool poster showing her all the places she would be going.

Well they did just that, jumped in the car and headed for Nashville. Makayla said it was “amazing”! She even enjoyed the 13 hour ride there and back. On the way they stopped at Niagara Falls for a day, which was also amazing. This was her second time to the U.S., but the first to perform, and one of the things she really liked was eating at the Cracker Barrel. She said they do not have those in Toronto. Once she got to Nashville and started getting around a bit, she found everyone was welcoming her with open arms.

Makayla loved everything about Nashville. She said, she thinks she ate at every bar on Broadway, and shopped at every store. They went to the Grand Ole Opry, the Ryman and took a bus tour of all the stars homes.

Makayla Lynn at stars2come She didn’t just sight see while in Nashville, she left her mark at many stages from one end of Nashville to the other. Makayla was thrilled to be able to play where the movie Country Strong and the show Nashville are filmed; The Stage On Broadway. However this was certainly not the only place that she hit the stage at, and made many new fans at every stop. She also performed at Legend’s Corner, The Second Fiddle, Nashville Palace, Commodore Grill, and Hotel Indigo. She says she doesn’t really have a favorite place that she performed, they all stand out for different reasons. Legend’s, The Second Fiddle, and the Stage On Broadway, she loved these places because of the people who had played there before her. The first place she stopped to perform, she made such an impression that Makayla gained an entourage that followed her to all three places to see her perform. At these places she got to perform alone, and with the house band at all three. Makayla loved the room at the Nashville Palace, and played an hour-long showcase. The Commodore was her very first songwriter’s round which was neat for her. The Hotel Indigo was the first place that she performed. She said the nervous energy felt good.

Makayla loved Nashville so much that she said she will for sure be back. She may have went to visit and to sing at a couple of places, but she ended up leaving as a star to all those who were fortunate to see and hear her. It has always been said, to make it in Nashville you have to be able to sing, play an instrument and write songs. Well this is Makayla, and Nashville is where this grand young lady belongs, with a never-ending stage to play on.

 Makayla is an excellent singer/songwriter and has gained many friends and fans from all over, and it was thought it would be great to bring some fun facts about her to all of them, things they may not know. Fun Facts Makayla:

Favorite food: Chinese… I could eat it everyday. Movie: Joyful Noise with Dolly Parton. Favorite thing when not singing: Writing. I write songs, poems, stories and I like to draw as well. Favorite song: Jesus Take the Wheel. Carrie is one of my idols (who I played with in Ontario last summer) and this is my favorite song because it was co-written by a Nova Scotian Gordie Sampson! Fun Facts: I like to wear odd socks, especially under my cowboy boots. I have a trampoline that I bounce on every day all summer, I have a dog that is smaller than my cat. I own 12 musical instruments!

Makayla is so awesome as an artist and a person. To keep up with her and purchase her songs, visit her web page often, Makayla Lynn Music.