Makayla Lynn

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Makayla has one of the sweetest sounding voices, it gives the songs sings a lot of heart. Makayla is a great singer and songwriter. When she sings a cover or one she wrote, the song will have meaning, and anyone can relate to them, and that voice of hers will make you feel it in your heart.  It is hard to believe that Makayla is only nine years old and be able to touch a person the way she does with music.

Makayla is a girl that is truly all heart, and been touching the hearts of others for about a year now. Her very first song in public was Carrie Underwood`s, “I Told You So” for a contest, and she has not stopped. There is something about her that really makes her music pleasant to listen to and just sit back and relax. She has one of those voices that you can listen to all day. She has been taking her wonderful voice to more and more people. She sang the National Anthem in front of 6000 people at a hockey game. Also on the tall ship “The Silva”, and Atlantic Canada`s Expo`s Got Talent. Her guitar playing is coming along quiet well, it compliments her voice nicely. Her nanny taught her three chords and she has learned the rest on her own by listening to music on the radio.



Makayla Lynn at stars2come Makayla has been doing a lot with music in the short time she has been performing, but one thing that really stands out is her song writing. When she writes a song she always has something good to say in them. She opens that big heart of hers and uses it. When she writes, she writes about everything,  from friends to family, and her beliefs. One of these songs she wrote came from personal experience, the song is titled “The Jokes On You”. Unfortunately like many kids Makayla was subjected to bullying and because of that she knew how much it hurts. She says, that she learned in the last year that she believes in herself no matter what anyone else tries to tell her. So she decided to write a song this year to try and tell other kids the same thing. She recorded the video for “The Jokes On You”, and in the past week she has gotten over 1000 emails from kids all over the world saying that she had helped them. Kids from all over have been watching the video with their families and in their class rooms. Makayla was featured on six different news stations all across Canada and four news papers, and was the 10th most veiwed Canadian Musician because of it. This was a major highlight for her. Bullying has been a problem for a long time, and it is people like Makayla that are fighting back and saying enough is enough. There are many kids that are  fighting back, but not by being mean, they are doing it with music, from all around the world. This song is not the only song she has written however, she has eight songs that are finished now, with a CD on the way. This will be her first CD and it will be all her songs. She says, that the CD should be finished this summer. She loves to write songs and plans to continue to do so.

Lady Antebellum is a big inspiration to Makayla, and she had the pleasure to meet them. They made her realize that music is what she wanted to do forever. She hopes to one day  stand on a huge stage and sing in front of 100,000 people. When she goes to concerts and sees the singer on the stage, she knows that singing is what she was meant to do. It is for sure music is her life, and is where she needs to be, no one should go without hearing Makayla.

There is a lot to Makayla other than music. She loves horses and use to take riding, she took these for about two years, she loves Chinese food and has never been on an airplane, but the most important thing in the world to her, is her family. Makayla has such a wonderful outlook on everything, and maybe this is why the music she writes has so much meaning. Makayla looks at things in a positive way, and her music has a positive meaning, bring hope and joy to those who listen.