Mallory Bechtel


 mallory bechtel at stars2come
 Broadway anyone?  Well that is where Mallory is destined to be.  I would say not far off you will be buying tickets to see this fabulous young lady. She is Broadway from head to toe. Mallory`s voice and the control she has fits perfect for stage. She can bring excitement and expression out in what ever she performs so well ,  it keeps you glued to her and gets your imagination going ,  becoming  part of the story yourself. 

 Mallory`s mom says , that she was able to carry a tune very early in life. After seeing the national tour of Annie at age six. Mallory said , I can sing like those girls!  and has not stopped belting out the songs ever since. It is obvious that Mallory has known what she wanted early on and is working hard to get herself there.

Mallory trains with The Humphreys School of Musical Theater in Houston. It is the training Academy for Theater Under the Stars. Her first musical was the national tour of  ” Whistle Down The Wind “in which she was part of the kids ensemble. From here it has been non stop and now has  many musicals  under her belt. One of her favorite roles how ever was ” Helen Keller “ this role of coarse did not have any singing involved but it still remains her favorite.  Her biggest role had been Susan Waverly in ” White Christmas “ with Theater Under The Stars.  About a week ago she opened with her first lead role as Tina Denmark in ” Ruthless “. I am sure this was very exciting playing the lead role. She has been climbing her way up and now there I know she will shine as bright as the stars.

mallory bechtel at stars2come I think the video above really shows how well Mallory can tell a story and bring it to life. Not with just her voice , but her visual expressions are excellent. She is so well gifted for this venture.  She was approached by the  Maury Povich show but declined when they wanted her to sing pop. I am glad to hear she stuck by what she believed in for herself and didn`t change who she was just to be on TV.  I look up to her a great deal for this , for people should not try and change others , especially for their own benefit.

 Mallory did compete in a couple of contests one was ” The Best Country Singer ” in Houston and made it to the finals , she was seven at the time , here more recent she competed at the Hard Rock Houston in the ” Best New Talent ” competition she advanced to the finals but was unable to compete , she had to leave to Pennsylvania to start rehersals for ” Ruthless” . This is where the passion of what you love to do comes in , Mallory is dedicated for the stage. Even though going to the finals is a great thing , but stage is her life , and a great life it is  on stage. Mallory dreams of starring in a Broadway show , she would love to play Elphaba in ” Wicked “  but this is farther down the road. Her dream of being on Broadway is sure to be realised for her heart wants nothing but stage. The  great support from family she gets,  along with the drive she posses we will!  be seeing her name Mallory Bechtel in lights….