Mandee & The ABC Girls

Mandee and the ABC Girls at stars2come

The world is always in need of great wholesome music and entertainment. There has been many entertainers to provide wonderful entertainment like this over the years and one of the greatest is Donny and Marie Osmond. They always put on a great show and it was entertainment the entire family could enjoy and had you smiling all the way. The Osmond’s are from Utah and so are Mandee & The ABC Girls and they are bringing the same great entertainment.

This beautiful group of girls are destined to be one of the great family entertainers just like Donny and Marie, “but” times two. These girls have set out to make the world a brighter place, and they have certainly brightened many people’s day with their brand new video, “Shine Brightly”. There is no way a person can watch this video and not smile and it make things a bit brighter for them. It has a message of kindness and lending a hand to others in need turning a gloomy day into a bright shiny new one. This great song was written by their mother and then they all together came up with the melody. It was their dad that came up with the story line for the video. They said it was a lot of fun having all their best friends there to help. It just took two days to film, and it has been a great success. The girls say it teaches many different things and they hope it will help and inspire others. These girls do inspire people everywhere, the world needs many more just like them.

Mandee and the ABC Girls  at stars2come      Introducing the greatest new inspirational group today; we have Mandee 14, Aubree 10, Brittnee 9, and Christee 8 together they are Mandee & The ABC Girls the country’s greatest new inspiration and the pride of Utah. The girls started singing together as soon as they could talk, their parents would let them sing at parties and holiday events pretty much anywhere people would listen. They officially became came Mandee & The ABC Girls in 2010, it was when they decided as a family that they wanted to share their talents and music to the world. Their very first performance as Mandee & The ABC Girls was for a furniture store during Christmas. They said they sang all their favorite Christmas songs as people walked through the store and many people stopped and just enjoyed the show.

The girls really do want to bring hope and inspiration to people and one of the ways they enjoy doing it is performing at school assemblies. They say the kids at school really gets involved in their performances, they seem to feel their energy and the love they have. They also say when they leave, they have tons of new friends.

They love to sing together and they say it is what helps keep the family so close. Performing as a family teaches them to get along and compromise, and they truly do help each other to follow and live their dream. Their mission as a family is to create music and entertainment that will touch hearts in a real way. They hope to touch people in a way that inspires them to make a change in their life even if it is a small one and this is how everyone can help make the world a better place. Their goal is to be positive role models and inspire people all over the world to have dreams and to follow them with all of their hearts.

The girls have been doing extremely well together and their great musical talents have not only won the hearts of many people around the world, but also won the Hurricanes Got Talent in November 2013. They also made it all the way to the finals at Dixie’s Got  Talent this year in January. However it is not awards that they sing for, it is to make other people smile and feel happiness.

Mandee & The ABC Girls has also found their way into several commercials. One commercial was for a local Fun center and others were for a local furniture store. They hope to one day have their own TV show. The girls say they have many fun skits and would love to make people laugh. They are four very real and cute girls that would brighten any TV network out there. The world is in dire need of a new honest and wholesome TV show and these girls would certainly fill that spot very well.

Mandee & The ABC Girls do sing a lot together and they like covering inspirational songs that have powerful vocals. They like doing these they say because it helps to stretch their voices and improve their skill level as singers.

Mandee and the ABC Girls  at stars2come They do a great job with cover songs, but they have many great originals they like to sing as well. The original songs they sing are songs they write and these girls are great songwriters. All the songs on their new album, “Shine Brightly” was written by them. Their songwriting ability is outstanding and they currently have over 50 songs in various stages of development. Their favorite song on the album is called, “Popsicle’s and You”. They love it because it is about spending time with your family. They wrote this song while riding in the car going to their vacation destination. The idea to write positive, upbeat, being kind and following your dream songs came from a tragedy that happened in their family in 2010. From this they wanted something to give hope to those who were hurting, and that people do care. The album is dedicated to those who are hurting or have been hurt. The girls hope to inspire and change lives, even if it is only one. If this happens then they have accomplished their dream.

The girls love people and they sing for them to make a difference. They themselves are people too, they are not perfect, they make mistakes and even fight sometimes, but they love each other, they love to perform, but most of all they love to touch hearts. They want people to know they truly care and want them to dream, to hope and to believe in themselves.

Wow these girls do bring inspiration and they bring it in a big way. They have big hearts and dreams that are shared daily and we are lucky to have them. The girls are an amazing group that shows togetherness, love and hope. When they say they want to put smiles on people’s faces, well they have certainly achieved that, the world could learn a lot from these girls. Mandee & The ABC Girls are beautiful and very talented and have already made a difference and the world is a better place now that we have them!