Margo Sabbah


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Margo has a amazingly beautiful voice. If you put this voice of her’s to a tender song, there would not be a dry eye in the house, it is perfect for this kind of song. There is something very genuine about her, you can hear it when she sings, this plays a big part in her growing number of fans. People like genuine, and Margo is just that.

Music has always been a part of her life, but it was not until she was in grade 7 that she decided to try and take it to the next level. At her school they had a piano teacher come in and teach during lunch, so she thought it would be fun to learn the piano, she singed up and everything took off from there. The teacher noticed she had potential, and he asked her to be a part of the school band, called ” Crimson” to play piano and be a back up singer. He later noticed her urge to learn music, so he asked her to sing something, she did and she has never stopped since. Her first solo came at a Christmas show put on by her piano teacher at a pub called, “The Place”. This past summer she performed at the Opera House, this was the first show where she got to decide everything. This was a showcase for labels, and she sang one of her original songs, this was so amazing for her.

She has gained many awards for her music. In grade 8 she got the arts award, and in grade 11 she got the singing award. This year she got an academic award for music. She is just amazing, it is no surprise she has accomplished so much. She gets a lot of her inspiration for music from things all around her, it can be a situation or just a person in her life. She just loves the ability to express herself in music, this is a way for her to let out her anger and happiness. Her dream is to wake up everyday and do music. She hopes to own her own label one day in-order to give those who work so hard in music the chance they really deserve. She is a very open minded person, always ready to learn new things and meet new people. There is nothing that will stand in her way of achieving her goals.

Margo has also made her way to the TV screen along the way. You might have caught her on, “The Next Star”, and she sang the National Anthem for the Brampton Battalion hockey game. There is nothing that slows her down, she keeps striving to be as good as she can be with music. With that wonderful voice she has, you can believe she will be on top one day soon.