Maria Diebolt

Maria Diebolt at stars2come



Maria is a wonderful young artist that loves singing as a way to help express herself. She is also amazing on stage. She says performing is something that she has always loved to do. Maria also says that when she is on stage, she gets an adrenaline rush and feels like she is on top of the world. Maria does love to perform, and her audiences love to see her, she is truly amazing.

Maria is a great artist, but she did not start out performing live as a singer, but a dancer, when she was about three years old. She says the ironic thing about it all is when she did start to sing her first performance was at a dance competition. She has done many performances since her beginning and has a couple that have remained special to her. She really enjoyed performing at the Circle of Lights which is a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Indianapolis and when she did “Think” at a competition.

Maria’s talents has earned  her many awards, she has taken home trophies, ribbons and even cash to show for her amazing abilities. She says for her it really does not matter if you win or not as long as you have fun. She does have a great deal of fun out performing, and when on stage you can count on her to cover a wide range of artists and cover their songs exceptionally well. She says one of her ultimate goals is to perform at Madison Square Garden and to have her own sold out world tour. You can bet with her talent it will happen.

This wonderful young artist has been working on some songs of her own. Maria says she loves writing it is a way to get her feelings out and she has about 16 songs competed. She has a song that stands out to her called, “Stay Strong”. She wrote this song for a friend of her’s who had cancer, it was her way to tell her friend to stay strong. Maria is happy to say that her friend is today cancer free. For Maria most of her ideas come from everyday things. There is a song on her album called “Ferris Wheel” which happened to be one of those everyday things. She was at a fair that day and went on a Ferris wheel and later that night when looking through her pictures and saw a picture she took of the ride. Everyday experiences do make the best songs and you know these songs from Maria well be awesome.

This past spring Maria got to be a part of the Teen Nation Tour which was a lot of fun for her. She said it was also a lot of fun to meet her tour mates who have become her best friends. She loved going to the schools and spreading a message about anti-bullying to the kids in a new and fun way. For her the tour was about spreading a message and she truly believes that this tour did help a lot of kids know they are not alone and it does get better. Being bullied herself, Maria knows first hand what other kids are going through. Maria went to a private school from kindergarten to the sixth grade and was bullied the whole time. There were two girls that were always mean to her, she would go home everyday crying wondering what she did wrong and why they hated her so much. She and her mom even went to the principles office about it along with some other parents who’s kids were being bullied as well. Maria did manage to stay strong and make some good decisions and made it through it all. She ended up changing schools and when she did it also changed her whole life. After changing to public school she made real friends and the bulling stopped, people there did not judge her like others did before. She learned how one decision can change your whole life and wants other kids to see what one decision can do. Maria followed her dreams and stayed strong and she believes others can as well. Staying strong is not always easy, but with people like Maria helping to show the way and being there for others, they too can find a better way.

Maria is an amazing  artist and person, all anyone has to do is spend a short amount of time with her to see just what a wonderful person and performer she really is. She is a great role model for anyone. To be a role model you first have to believe in yourself and Maria is one of these people. She is amazing in many ways. She is looking at doing another anti-bulling tour soon be sure to catch her on that if she comes to your town. Maria is also working on her own album of original songs and is very excited to see her songs come to life. Maria is the real deal.