Marie-Pier Jean “Broadway Bound”

Marie-Pier at stars2come




Marie-Pier is a true award winner in musical theater. The amazing voice she has for theater keeps taking her to new heights, and the people of Canada are taking notice, and you can bet Broadway will take notice soon! In 2009 at the Kiwanis Music Festival, in Ottawa she took home first place in the 10 and under musical theater category.  Winning first place here meant that she was moving on to trophy night, here she took home, “Star Of The Future award. The same year at Kiwanis, she was honored with “Orpheus Operatic Society Award”, as well as a scholarship from the “English Speaking Union of Canada”. In 2009 as well she went to Sainte-Hyacinthe Quebec for the Quebec Ontario Youth Music Festival, here she won first place in music theater 10 and under, first place in Regular Vocal Solo 10 and under, second in music theater 12 and under, and second in Open Category 12 and under. Marie-Pier has really made her mark on Canada, and hoping to one day make her mark on Broadway.

Marie_Pier has liked musical theater from the start. When she was nine years old she started musical theater with ASNY Productions (Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet). This really gave her the bug for musical theater. At this production she played, Officer Barrel in Urinetown. She loved it! In 2010 she earned the star role in, Annie. She was very excited about this, because this was the first time she was awarded the lead role in theater. In 2011 in Oliver, she played the Artful Dodger. She chose this for the experience and Dodger is a great character to play. She had a lot of fun with these productions, but for Marie-Pier every show is a great experience.

Kristin Chenoweth is her inspiration for music and musical theater. She likes her because, she can sing, dance and act, but in many different styles. Marie-Pier would love to meet her one day, and see her on stage. For Marie-Pier, music is a great way to express her self, and get her emotions out. She just loves to sing Broadway tunes, because it lets her become the character, and sometimes when she gets into a really sad song she gets so rapped up in it that she will start to cry. This is real passion. She does hope that her dream of being on Broadway will come true. She believes that anybody who has a dream works hard and pushes their selves,  can full fill their dreams, if they truly want it. Marie-Pier certainly wants her dream and works hard to make it happen. Someday down the road, you will walk down the streets of Broadway and you will look up and see in big shinning lights, Maire-Pier.