Marion Shelby

Marion Shelby at stars2come


Here we have a wonderful little cowgirl out of Michigan, bringing us some great entertainment. Marion at nine years old  has a great sound in her voice, a very good tone. This girl is such a professional on stage, with great posture, and the outfits she wears are truly adorable. This is a star in the making.

 Marion has been singing since she was just two years old, and now making her way to the stage. She had been taking vocal lessons at Kalamazoo School of Dance and Music, but she is currently working with a singer, songwriter/producer, and will be starting her vocal lessons back up in Battle Creek. She also plays piano and soon will begin acoustic guitar lessons. It is obvious that Marion is working to be the best entertainer she can be. She certainly don`t mind to entertain. At a wedding reception a lady brought a karaoke system and was wanting people to sing, so Marion stepped right up and was happy to do it, singing about eight Taylor Swift songs. After her performance the lady told her dad that she was very good and should follow up on lessons, and he is doing just that. In 2009 she entered in to a competition at the Sumpter Country Fest, and won third place at this event. She said, she enjoyed meeting a lot of nice people at the competition. The area that she lives in is mostly geared toward adult artists, so coming in at third place shows that kids can do just as good, if not better than adults. This is a girl who really loves to sing. She also likes to do Karaoke with her producer`s band when ever she gets the chance.

 People where Marion lives need to get ready for her, because she is coming out strong, and the adults need to just  get out of the way. She will soon be appearing on their local FM radio station on the “Home Grown Show”, and here everyone will get to hear what she can really do.  Marion is a very sweet girl, with a lot of her inspiration coming from people like Taylor Swift and Miranda Lambert. Marion loves to make people happy with her music, and truly loves to entertain them. That is one thing that is for sure, she will entertain you with a very professional performance. She is going to be one to really watch as she grows in the music industry.