Mark Klein

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 Mark is a sensational artist. When ever he shows up on stage, he puts on an outstanding performance and people love him! When he comes out to perform, he is going to entertain the crowd, that is his mission, whether it is Blues, Country or Rock he can deliver it all with precision. There is no disappointment when it comes to Mark.

 Mark living in Louisiana, and at sixteen years old, he has spent almost his whole life on stage, you might say he grew up there. He has been on stage since the age of four. He started out with the Louisiana Kids, this organization helped him to become the performer he is today. This early start has brought him to be a singer/songwriter and entertainer. He has performed all over the south from Branson Missouri, to Tennessee and of coarse all over Louisiana.

 Mark is tremendously talented on guitar. He started playing at about twelve years old, he studies under Kenny Acosta. He has mastered the guitar so well, he can get up play virtually anything and not miss a note. His talents are not limited to only guitar, he can handle many different instruments, mandolin, keyboards, drums, and Bass guitar. Mark is not short on talent, he means to entertain and that is exactly what he will do.


Mark Klien at stars2come

 Mark has performed in many places over the years. He has performed around Pigeon Forge, Tennessee at different theaters. He also has had the honor of performing at Graceland, in Memphis Tennessee. Although all the performances he does are special to him, whether large or small, he does have one that stands out as a favorite and that was when he was ten years old at Jazz Fest performing with the Fabulous Boogie Kings. He said, the crowd there was so large it seemed there was no end. When it comes to performing Mark works hard on his stage presence, while it is important to make sure the music is good, he wants to make sure that he connects with the audience and they with him.  For Mark he wants to make sure everyone has a great time when he performs and what ever the crowd wants that is what he is going to give them. He has performed so much, that he can read the crowd, and if they want Country that is what they will get, or Blues or Rock, what ever it is, the audience will get a  great show.

 Mark`s songwriting skills is right up there with the best of them. He will have a brand new Cd expected to come out in February with his original songs. For Mark when he writes songs he is not so much concerned about the rhyming, as many are. He thinks of lyrics as being more of a composition, the words in the song should mean something and have feeling. A song should be real and honest, he likes to make songs about how he feels and things going on in the world. His new song “Invisible” is a good example. His new CD coming out he will be accompanied by his new band, the Last Sensations.

 While Mark may have good taste in music, so does he in food as well. He hosts his own show on News Channel 5, called “Weekend Drive”. Here he makes trips to great down home restaurants in near by towns that most people visiting may not know about, and miss-out on a great meal. On his show he will always give out the name, location, and a summery of the menu, plus a lot of good tips of things to do and see in each town. So be sure when ever in and around Louisiana to tune in to News Channel 5 and check-out Mark`s show and learn about a great new dinning experience, that you may otherwise miss-out on.

 Mark truly loves being on stage or in front of a camera, this is home for him. His parents have been there supporting him all the way, and this means a lot. Be sure when your down around Louisiana to stop by and see Mark perform, he is usually performing at least once a week somewhere. You can keep up with his schedule at his web site Mark Klein. You will enjoy every minute of his performance, he is there to entertain you and he will do just that. His passion is not only in his music, but to make who ever it is listening, happy. According to Mark that`s what it`s all about.