Mary Desmond

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Mary is a true princess. She has dreamed of being a princess at, “Disneyland”, because she has always loved princesses. She was at the studio with her teacher eating dinner, and she started telling him how much she wanted to be a princess at Disneyland, and he got the idea to write a song about it, and “I Want To Be A Princess” became Mary’s new original, telling her dream. That is not all, she also got to live part of that dream in a awesome video of, “I Want To Be A Princess”. Mary had a blast filming the video, but it did take a lot of time and planning. While filming many people would stop and ask why they were dressed as princesses. Her school was behind her on this project and so were many of her teachers, they participated in the flash mob at the end. Mary says, she was blessed to have so many people involved, like the video company, costume makers, and friends that lent them the dresses. She had an amazing time with this song and video and can’t wait for her next one, which will be coming soon, “Happy Ever After”.

Mary was self motivated to learn about music and sing as much as possible at a very early age. This motivation has taken her a long way, with some great adventures on her journey. One of her first performances she sang at a fundraiser with Pat Boone, she sang, “Love Letters in the Sand”. Also at age three she sang’ “God Bless America” on, Larry King Live. These are some amazing performances to have at any age, and to be able to have them at age three, that is outstanding.

Mary has worked at Legoland in Ca. for the last three years, she just absolutely loves performing in theme parks. She started off playing the lead role in a Christmas play called, “Let It Snow” for two years. She then moved on to be the lead as Princess Penelope in a Halloween show called, “Mail Order Monsters”. After all this she she moved into a trio of girls called, Brickettes, who traveled around the park singing and dancing and getting the crowd going.

Singing allows Mary to express herself, and connect with people. She hopes to inspire them to follow their dreams, just like she is doing. Mary is inspired by American Idol’s Colton Dixon. Last year he came to her school and performed for them. She says, his beliefs are similar to her’s and his music is beautiful. He encouraged her to continue with her musical career. Mary’s goal is to become a Christian singer and also would love to work on Broadway. She wants to be a good influence and role model for other girls her age and younger to follow their hearts. Mary has all the makings of a great role model, she is someone that had a dream, and working her way toward it and having a blast all the way.

Mary is certainly a magnificent performer, and all anyone needs to do is take one look at her, and know she really is a princess. Be on the look out for her new song, “Happy Ever After” it will be amazing.