Matthew Pinkham

Matthew Pinkham at stars2come

 Here is one fine young man that the girls are going to love. Matthew is a newcomer to performing, but his popularity is soaring. When Matthew comes on stage he really lights up the audience, he is so cute that people take notice right away before he sings or plays the first note. He has an amazing stage presence, he looks like a true country star, and you watch and see, he will be one day!

 Matthew has truly an amazing story to tell. He is nine years old, living in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. His love of music started back in preschool. While in preschool Matthew was diagnosed with a rare bone disease called, Perthes which is a disease that effects the hips. Due to this, he was confined to a wheelchair and walker for about a year, and was unable to play with his sister, friends or any kind of physical activity. Since he was not able to do normal things like other kids, he would often watch CMT on TV, and while watching he would imitate Dierks Bentley, this is where things begin. When he was four he got his first acoustic guitar, but this turned out to be too large for him, so later that Christmas Santa brought him a smaller Dean electric. Matthew started out taking guitar lessons from Ed Decker for three years , but now he is with Mirsad Besic and has been for two years. He also started vocal training about six months ago from Misty Rae.

 Once Matthew started performing, he got so popular that he has played about fifty shows in just this past year alone. He has played all over Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee, for ball games, political events, benefits and opening act for concerts, only to name a few, he is truly unstoppable. In December he performed for Nashville Spotlight showcase, this was his first showcase, and it was a bit different than what he had been use to, because he only got to do a few songs and share the stage with others. He is use to having the stage to himself and performing for thirty minutes to three hours, but no matter where he performs or for how long, he enjoys every minute of it and so does the audience, he is such a great showman, people love him.

Matthew Pinkham at stars2come

 While Matthew has done many performances, his most favorite came when he got to perform on stage with Keith Urban. He went to one of Keith`s concerts in Louisville Kentucky,and  during the concert, Keith brought Matthew on stage and performed “Kiss the Girl”.  Matthew had his little guitar and started jamming right along with Keith. After this performance Matthew made the news on WAVE 3 in September 2009. Keith is an awesome person for the way he has treated Matthew. Matthew was attending the CMT awards and Keith was there doing a performance. Once they went to commercial break Keith spotted Matthew and jumped off the stage, and went to talk with Matthew and sang “Kiss the Girl” with him again until it was time for him to get back on stage. With out a dought Keith Urban is his inspiration. This was all very exciting for him, but his most favorite solo performance was when he did the MS Benefit in Floyd`s Knobs, Indiana. Here he played for about two hours, then opened for a local artist Artie Dean Harris. He also walked away with lots of autographed cd`s, t-shirts, hats, and a Brad Paisley autographed guitar.

 Matthew truly loves to perform, he loves the roar of the crowd, the stage lights and everything that goes with it, especially making people happy with his music. He hopes to one day to be the headline act and do stadium shows like Kenny Chesney and of coarse to have his own tour bus loaded with Plasma TV`s , Xbox 360 , and a basketball goal. He hopes to get to hang out with Keith Urban again and talk guitars and play some more songs. Keith is really special to him, and I really hope he gets his chance again to hang out with him. One of Matthew`s favorite things is to do kids benefits, and he would like to play with Dierks Bentley at his annual Miles and Music for Kids in Nashville, that Dierks does for the hospital that he has been going to for five years Vandy Children’s Hospital.

 Matthew is a really amazing person, if you have not seen him perform in person, you truly need to go watch the next time he is close by, he will make your day. Matthew would like people to know that God has a plan, he found music when he was unable to do what his sisters, friends and cousins where doing, and to remember that big things come in small packages! They sure do, Go get`em Matthew!