Matthew Wechsler

Matthew Julian Wechsler at stars2come

 Matthew is one brilliant singer/actor, at eleven years old he is doing it all. The voice he posses lends excitement to what he sings. After spending a great deal of time on stage, the expression he can put in a song just comes natural for him, not only can he get the expression in, but he manages to add a bit of drama. With these two combined, along with the voice he has, is where the excitement comes in. Matthew has a lot of power for someone so young, even without a mic, he can get it out to the audience.

 Matthew lives in New York, and he started singing at about six years old, and is currently taking vocal lessons from, Ken Lundie. Matthew, is quite the songwriter as well. He started writing when he was nine years old, and the songs he writes are fantastic. The imagination he has for the lryics is brilliant to say the least. People can relate to the story in them very well. One of these songs is, “I Miss You”, this was written by Matthew, along with Deborah Gibson, which was dedicated to some dear to Matthew, that had passed away. This is the kind of song, that no matter how old you are, the message comes clear and everyone understands it.


Matthew Wechsler at stars2come

 Matthew is also an actor, like many people now, he is doing both, which is a good strategy , this keeps him in the public eye. Matthew started acting when he was about nine years old.  He takes acting lessons with, Barry Shapiro, Stuart Fingeret, and Daryl Getman.  He has been performing in so many places that, the stage is practically home, some of these places are, The Storm Theater, 42nd Street Theater, Turtle Shell Productions,  Theatrical Rights, Waterwell Productions, Cultural Arts Playhouse, Arena Players, Aspiring Young Artists, Trattoria Dopo Teatro Cabaret and Frenchwood Festival Of The Arts.  Matthew`s most special performance was the, Storm Theater in, The Time Of Your Life. He played, The Newsboy. It was on, 46th street in, Times Square in New York, in October 2008. Matthew is no stranger to TV either, he will be playing dual roles in a TV show called Agent Emes. In two episodes he is Agent Emes and Benzi, this is a TV and DVD series.

 Matthew is no-doubt an up and coming star, he has taken the entertainment field to heart and is leaving no stone unturned. He is not afraid to take on these challenges, this is the life he is dreaming of and is determined to make the dream come true. Matthew, does work hard to get where he wants to go in life, but he still enjoys being a kid, watching movies, playing on the computer, chatting, and texting. How ever Matthew`s main goal is to have a career in acting or singing, but his long term goal is to help those less fortunate than he with his performances. He says, if he makes a lot of money, he will use some of it to help others. This is a very noble attitude, which seems to be growing among young performers and the world is certainly in-need of more people like Matthew….