Maya Rae

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There is a new queen of pop coming up in the music world and her name is, Maya Rae. Maya is from British Columbia and making everyone there proud. Maya is talented far beyond her years, carrying a wonderful voice which she uses very well. When Maya delivers a song, she delivers it with emotion and passion. She has a lot of heart and it can be felt in all her performances.

Maya was ten years old when she began sharing her talent with others. Maya’s teacher told her about an open mic night and this started her great journey.

Since Maya’s beginning she has gained a couple of favorite performances. One of the performances that Maya likes so well was this year at the, In the House festival. Maya says she was honored to be invited to perform there, it was a great experience. “The In the House festival was an opportunity to not only give a good solo performance, but also listen to several other local artists”, says Maya. Another performance she liked was for the Special Olympics. She says performing for the Special Olympics gave her a whole new perspective on life. She says for her to see everybody there participating and sharing in the joy of the music, made her happy.

Performing is in Maya’s heart and she loves the feeling of making people happy with her music. When Maya listens to music or is performing it, she enjoys the likes of, Sam Smith, Jason Mraz, Joni Mitchell, Michael Buble, Eva Cassidy and the Beatles. Maya says she also loves the divas of jazz as well like, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone. Maya says they are all geniuses in their own way and she has learned a lot from them.

Maya is indeed talented and her talents have earned her some other great things. Last year in the Youth Talent search she won the Audience Favorite Award. Maya was also on TV a couple of months ago. She was participating in a local theater production of Annie as an orphan. As a promotion the orphans went on Shaw TV, and taught the host a dance from the production.

For the last few months Maya has been recording some tracks which she hopes will become an album. Maya has written one song which will be included on the album called, Sapphire Birds. Sapphire Birds is personal to her because it is about being with her family who she is very close to. Her brother helped out with ideas on Maya’s writing, he told her about an exercise where you write the first thing that comes to your mind. Maya says this makes ideas easier to come by, especially when you have writers block.

Maya says she would like everyone to know that music is really important to her and even though it might sound cheesy, she believes music is the universal language. She is so right, music adds beauty to the world that everyone can enjoy. Maya is now part of this great beauty of music bringing joy to people worldwide, and she will be doing so for a longtime to come.