Mckenzie Comer


 Mckenzie at thirteen years old from Australia , her voice is beautiful. I can`t find a flaw in it ( above ) she is singing Taylor Swift`s ” Fifteen ” she done this song with complete perfection , if you didn`t watch the video and just listen,  you wouldn`t  be able to tell if it was Taylor or Mckenzie.

 After a friend of mine pointed out Mckenzie to me, I can`t get enough of  her music. She belongs on radio and TV. Mckenzie started taking singing seriously about two years ago. Her story about it was very impressive to me.  She had made a trip with her family to visit her grandmother  ( who is now deceased ) who was in a home for the elderly.  So while there she thought she would sing and make a video of it to have for memories. Her dad thought she sang quite nicely,  so she got the idea of going to retirement homes and singing for the elderly . Then she decided to sing to kids in the hospital , she says , it was an amazing experience and continues to sing for the kids. ( I have to thank Mckenzie for being so kind hearted and unselfish to think of others first ). Mckenzie is certainly an amazing person and singer , she often accompanies herself with the guitar and does a great job with it. She tells me though that she has not had any lessons,  she just feels her way through.  This is a sign of someone with a great ear for music and it obviously shows with her. She tells me one of the things she likes about singing is that you get to meet amazing friends. One friend that helped to inspire her to get into singing more seriously was Mackenzie Morgan  ” she is amazing ”  Mckenzie says.  Mckenzie began singing in public at a cafe there in the Gold Coast called The Cavern at Nobbys  Beach where they have an open mic every Sunday morning,  so she decided to give it a shot. From here she went on to perform at the Gold Coast Convention Centre for a basketball game at half time , this was her biggest audience so far ” she says ” . ( I have a feeling she will have many large audiences to sing to soon ).

 As Mckenzie says,  she gets to meet a lot of amazing friends. One amazing friend she made was Cody Simpson and they really have become great friends. One of  her favorite performances was sing with Cody at Radio Lollipop  that was special for her. Well they had become great friends and then Cody got signed to Atlantic Records and was going to have to leave for LA . Of coarse with Cody leaving she was going to miss her dear friend.  One day while playing around with the piano and some lyrics a song fell together and she called it ” The Last Goodbye ” ( above ) a truly touching song that anyone can relate to. I know  many people including myself wanted to know more about this wonderful song, so I asked Mckenzie if she would tell us about it and here is what she had to say ::   Cody is such a good friend and inspiration to me and my music. He sat next to me at school and was constantly singing to himself and others. We all knew that he was going to be leaving for LA and become a huge star. This one day I was home sick, I was mucking around with some lyrics and the piano and it just evolved over a couple of hours.  My dad heard what I had put together and instantly thought there was something in this song.  He said we have to go to school early in the morning and play it to the chaplain and music teacher to see if I could play the song to Cody as he was coming to school for one last chapel service and the timing was perfect. I guess we all just loved the song and so it was that I played it for Cody that day. He was very humbled by the song and loved it as well. I was already booked in to record some other songs but we had to change our mind and record “the last goodbye” instead. Its because of Cody that I write songs. Mackenzie Morgan inspired me to sing, Cody Inspired me to write. I have other songs written about him as well so I hope they wont be too far away from coming out.  Thank you so much for showing an interest in my singing, Im amazed, regards, Mckenzie .     You can see she cared a great deal for Cody and I don`t think Cody could ever have another friend as wonderful as she.  I hope everyone can take something away from this song,   I know I have,  the meaning and feeling is so great,  I don`t know how to describe it except , tremendously powerful! 

 I am so honored to have gotten to write Mckenzie`s story , for me it has to be the most touching stories I have written.  I learned from Mckenzie that she is not just a beautiful vocalist but more importantly a beautiful person. I want to thank McKenzie so much for allowing me to do this story and to get to know her.  To her dad Rob , you have indeed one very special daughter.    The first song in the video player below is a preview of the studio version  ” The Last Goodbye ” .