McKenzie Steiner

McKenzie at stars2come

McKenzie a beautiful new rising star of music. This girl has a lot of great potential, she has a very pretty soft voice, and at just nine years old, she is starting off very well. In a few more years she will be unstoppable when it comes to music, but the camera likes her so well, she could easily take off with a career in acting.

 McKenzie started off singing at about four years old. She would sing along with the radio, like most people do, but even at that early age she didn`t have any problem remembering the words, it came easy for her. She is how ever getting ready to start vocal training, and she is very excited about that. She has not had the opportunity to perform solo yet, but she has joined 4th grade choir group this year, and really likes it. She does intend on volunteering for some solos soon. She gets a lot of her inspiration from some of her favorite singers, like Carrie Underwood, Rascal Flatts, and Taylor Swift, plus many more.



McKenzie at stars2come

 McKenzie is not going to just sing for people, she will be starting guitar lessons very soon. She got a new guitar for Christmas and is looking forward to learning to play. This is one thing that is really going to help realize her dream, she has an awesome attitude toward music, always excited about learning new things. This kind of attitude already makes her a winner.

 One of the things she loves so much about sing, is listening to songs, figuring them out and then recording them herself. For the past two years she, and her older sister Brooke made cd`s of her singing to give to the whole family and friends. Now she says, they look forward to getting a new cd for Christmas every year. This makes her very happy that they like her music so much. McKenzie`s dream is to be a singer/songwriter, but she also loves to play softball. She is a pitcher, and loves to pitch fast, she plays for the Nebraska Nemesis 00`s, and are Nationally ranked. She is a very lovely girl in many ways, but when asked if she had won any awards, she Said, “no, but I have won the hearts of my mom and dad”. I can`t think of anything better for her to win than that!