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Meadow is one amazing songwriter, writing one after another like a songwriting machine. It seems everything she sees or hears she can turn it into a song, and she does it very well. Great songwriters are those that have a good imagination to take just a couple of words they have heard or seen and turn it into a great song. Meadow is one of these people who are blessed with the gift of songwriting and she turns out one amazing song after another. One of these amazing songs she wrote was, “A Girl’s Advice” (The X-Box Song). This is one song that really shows how good her imagination is for writing songs. This song was born from a Facebook post where a friend of her’s was upset because her boyfriend had broken up with her. Then another friend commented, ” well girl you know what to do if a boy breaks your heart, just break his X-Box”. Even though she named it “A Girl’s Advice” anytime she is out performing,  everyone will say please play the X-Box song. So now that is what everyone is calling it.  Meadow took what she had been reading from Facebook and created one amazing song and it has become very popular. She has an awesome video for this great new song and it tells the story very well. This great video brings a lot of classics together, drive-in’s. cars and pizza. Everyone knows the drive-in was the place to be with your girlfriend or boyfriend every Friday or Saturday night and this video depicts just such a night; Meadow with her boyfriend. They are hanging out in a beautiful classic Chevy talking and in the video she discovers that her boyfriend is a player with more girls in his eye than just her. In the end several different girls go into a house and brings out a boy’s X-Box and destroys it in many ways, ( the boys might just think twice next time). This is a very creative and well thought out video, and Meadow gets an, “A+” for her acting, very well done.  She says making the video was a blast and the director was very laid back. “It was really cool to work with my friends too, I think that made it a lot easier”, she said. This was filmed at the Georgetown Drive-In in Georgetown, Indiana, Wick’s Pizza in New Albany and at her friend’s house, this was done without her mom’s permission, but she didn’t mind.

As great of an artist that Meadow is, most may not realize she has not been performing for very long, only about three short years and this young lady has “Star” written all over her career. She made her first public performance when she was ten years old at a karaoke night. She was asked to perform in a contest called Louisville’s Best Talent. So she went just to have fun and see what it was all about, and after performing people began to ask her to come perform at other places, and it kind of snowballed after that. Now she performs everywhere from Indiana to Nashville. When she started out she did not know how to play any instruments, and performed using tracks, but that has all changed.

Meadow Ryann at stars2comeMeadow had a guitar sitting around the house for a year or two not doing anything with it, until about two years ago. Then one day she decided along with some encouragement from her mom, that she should learn to play. Meadow took a few guitar lessons from a great teacher, Paul Turner, then started going to YouTube and learned how to play every song she loved. Today you will not see Meadow without a guitar in hand, and she is incredible!  Her great grandpa Harold was a big inspiration for her to learn to play. She said he could play any instrument that anyone would lay in front of him, especially anything with strings.

She has taken her guitar to many places to perform entertaining many people from young to old. She always loves performing at the Nashville Palace. She says it is a great place to be and the people love the music there. Meadow also loved performing at the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville. She made many new fans there and it was really cool to see herself on the big screen TV’s there. Of course one of her favorite places to perform was at Wick’s Pizza for her video premier party. She said there were so many people there from all over, and she was amazed to see that many people there to support her and her music. She also got to sing with a band called, Black Friday. She said it was so much fun.

Meadow has made her way to TV as well appearing on several different shows. She modeled for a local TV show called, Wave 3 Listens, and a wedding commercial that also aired on local TV. Here recently she filmed two episodes for Nashville Spotlight. She also shared a co-lead role in a feature-length film called, Nothing in the Flowers.

Meadow has become an excellent songwriter with about 100 songs written. She says, she really loves to write. She has a couple of songs however that is close to her, one is called, “December In The Middle Of September”. This song is special to her because it is a song her mom wrote for her to sing. It is about a girls parents that are separated and she doesn’t see her dad very often.  Another song that is close to her is called, “Cover Girl”. She said this was cool for her to write because it is about bullying and a girl with very low self-esteem. At the end of the song, she realizes she needs to be herself. There is a song that she plays a lot called, “Wings”. This is a song about her trying to make it in the music industry.

 She has a lot of exciting things coming up. She is currently working on her next album; it is an all original album and she is very happy to finally be getting the music she wrote herself for everyone to hear. She will also be working on a couple more videos, one will be a cover and the other an original. She was just recently given a regular gig in Nashville once a month. She will also be performing at Six Flags of Georgia this summer.

Meadow’s goal with music is to inspire others to follow their hearts and never let anyone else decide whether you are good enough to pursue your dreams. Someday she wants others to know her for the music she writes. She said it would be amazing to be singing to a crowd, even just a small crowd, and have them singing along to the words she wrote herself. The fans she has gained; she truly loves and cares about them and all their support. It means the world to her. She said she would like people to know that she is obsessed with unicorns, Macklemore, Ed Sheeran, NeverShoutNever, Taylor Swift and dinosaurs. She said if anyone wants to give her a gift that is her list. She also wants people to know that she believes in honesty. Always be honest with yourself , then you will be honest with others.

Meadow is a great artist and she does put on an amazing performance. She is definitely someone you will truly love once you see and hear her in person. She is also a fun and very kind person, a true pleasure to talk with. In these short years that she has been performing she has gained many people who love her music. On stage it is like she has been there many years from the way she conducts herself. Meadow is a true artist and star. Just awesome!