Meg Kelley “Through”

Meg Kelley at stars2come






The wonderfully talented Meg Kelley has struck again with another smashing hit song called, “Through”,  produced by Eddie Galan. Meg really brings out her feelings and her tender side in this magnificent song. This is a song that anyone can relate to that has been in relationships that did not last. No matter what, when a relationship goes sour  you can not get the other person out of your head, and the memories keep running “Through” reliving the special moments. The video for this song was very well done allowing you to see the story played out and bringing back your own memories. The video “Through” was directed by Christine Crokos. In this video Meg was able to really show off her great acting skills, portraying her part perfectly. All of her emotions and expressions came through very well making you believe it was really happening.

Meg is a talented artist and actress who’s career shines brighter with every project. She has the abilities and appeal to make her career long lasting and bring great entertainment to people of all ages. She is a rising star that will soon be selling out concert halls and box office seats. Many artists and actresses always imitate others, this is not so for Meg, she is her own person and this makes all the difference. Now watch Meg Kelley “shine”!