Meilani Burrows at stars2come




 We have another great new sound coming to folk music, and her name is Meilani Burrows. She brings a fresh new sound and style. This girl is unique and captures the eye and ear. The look she has is fabulous, she is not trying to be no one, but herself and this is what gets people noticed. Meilani knows who she is as a artist, and the songs she writes are spectacular. One of the amazing things about Meilani is that she only started singing a couple of years ago, and once you hear her you will be glad she started, and wonder why, did she wait. One thing is for sure the world will be soon tuning in just to hear Meilani. Not only did she just get started two years ago, but just this  year began performing her own music, and her writing is very creative and real. She has done it all with out any formal training, but she comes from a long line of singers.

Meilani has not done much out in public yet, other than malls and gatherings, but not to worry you can bet with the music she puts out it will be no surprise for her to be a an arena near you not far down the road. She did try out for the X-Factor, but was not picked. All anyone can say is that Simon missed out on a true superstar.  She did how ever in August appear on TV doing an interview for Good Morning Northwest. She said, that it was so much fun knowing that so many people would be watching, but she was a bit nervous.

Her greatest inspiration comes from her mom. Her mom use to be in a band, and bought Meilani her first guitar and taught her to play. Her mom also bought her, her last guitar and she just loves it. Meilani just loves how music touches the soul and brings about so many different emotions. She wants to write songs that people can relate to and share them with people.  Meilani does just that her songs have a lot of meaning, and will touch you in some way. She has written many songs, but only has two recorded so far, and they are, “Lost in Your Eyes” and “Don`t Forget About Me”.  Don`t Forget About Me, is her favorite so far, she likes hearing all the different ways people relate to the song. All her songs comes from her personal experiences giving the songs real meaning.

Meilani is just a regular teen with hopes and dreams like everyone else. When she is not singing or writing she loves to draw and paint. Her favorite things to draw are landscapes and trees. She hopes how ever that everyone likes her music and is thankful to those who support her. Meilani is some one that has not become an artist, she is a artist through and through. You can count on a lot more great music to come from Meilani. To take from the title of one of her songs, Don`t Forget About Me, no one is ever going to forget about you Meilani, once they hear you, you will always be on their minds, and waiting in anticipation for another great song from you.