Melody Kidder

Melody Kidder at stars2come






The amount of awesome talent in the country is amazing, and Melody certainly has her spot among the amazing talents. She is just eight years old and already has a voice that would fit any song from Adele or Christina Aguilera. Melody is well on her way to being another great powerhouse singer that people will be talking about for years. She is also about as adorable as you can get.

Melody first took her talent to the public at just three years old, performing at different venues around San Diego and doing fundraisers. One thing for sure about Melody is she did not waste time getting out and doing what she loved to do. One thing about music from Melody is it will put a smile on any one’s face, just incredible!

There is another thing about Melody that most cannot say is, she has her own band. That really is amazing at just eight and has her own band, now that really speaks a lot for what she can do. She really loves performing with her band at The Shamrock Pub in Murrieta, Ca. and at RK Records, “Back To School” presentation. She loves singing with the band and performing in front of an audience is amazing to her.

For Melody when it comes to performing she just simply likes singing to an audience. She loves seeing the people in the audience smiling and enjoying her music. Melody says if she can take them to another place when she sings, then she has done her job. When she is out performing she enjoys covering Christina Aguilera. Melody says Christina is a great singer and performer and someone she looks up to. Another performer she likes really well that she is starting to cover is Idina Menzel. Melody says she is another great performer and on stage has a most amazing singing vocal range.

Melody is not just a singer, she is a competitive dancer as well. She is currently in training for a huge regional competition in April. Melody will be part of the Kiddie Kouture spring fashion show in LA. You can bet she will be turning heads there as well.

If singing and dancing was not enough, she also is an actress. Melody will soon be appearing in her first commercial. She hopes to one day use all of her skills as a singer, dancer and actress to become a huge director and producer, this would be her ultimate goal.

Melody is now working on some new songs for the next RK Records presentation. She will also be performing with her band on April 5th at The Shamrock Pub in Murrieta, Ca. She has also been working on some writing of her own and currently has three songs written.

Melody does have a lot on her plate, but she is just a normal eight year old girl who happens to love music. She also loves animals and hopes to be a role model to others by sending a positive message through her music. She most  certainly sends a great message, she is showing that it does not matter the age a person is to shoot for their dreams. Melody is only eight and has a brilliant voice and a drive that will take her anywhere she wants to go in life. She has a wonderful future ahead of her and it will be amazing to watch her flourish.