Michael and Marisa

michael and marisa at stars2come This fabulous pop/duo is a brother and sister team. Michael is twelve years old and Marisa is thirteen years old. They are truly rising stars, and their popularity is skyrocketing!  Every where they go people love them, and when they appear on stage the crowds roar.  When they show up for a performance they mean business, and they are  going to entertain you for a solid hour or more. They have kind of a Beatles era thing going on with their appearance  that is just awesome! Michael on vocals and guitar and Marisa on vocals and the drums , together they can really jam.  Rockn`Roll has a new star now, and it is  Michael and Marisa! 

 Michael and Marisa started singing professionally in the fall of 2005.  However, even though they are brother and sister,  they did not start off singing together. Michael started out first and then a few months later Marisa joined him. At about age seven, Michael would play about half a set and then introduce Marisa  as a special guest.  After each gig Marisa would respond, “That was so much fun” !  She learned the drums quickly, but was so small audiences could barely see her behind the drum set. 

 Michael started taking guitar lessons when he was six years old and still taking several lessons each week. According to Michael,  “there is still lots to learn” .  Michael has come a long way in a short amount of time, and can now run the neck of a guitar like a young   Jimi Hendrix.   Michael also got a special gift from Gibson Guitar, when he was chosen as a role model for kids  that may be thinking of playing the guitar. With Michael and Marisa performing about 50 shows per year, they reach a lot of kids.   Marisa started playing drums at age eight. I asked why she chose the drums she said, “I thought it would be fun to hit things”. Marisa sure can hit those drums, never missing a beat. She says, ” that drumming fits her personality perfectly “. 

Below you will find a video with two songs “Rock U Now” and ” Rockin Radio ”  In these two songs, you can hear how well they harmonize, This pop/duo can really rock. 


michael and marisa at stars2come   Michael and Marisa also write some of their own songs. They started writing in 2006 and co-wrote, “I Can`t Stop”, with Billy Garzone who teaches Michael guitar. It was based on all the things kids want to do and was their responce to parents,”Stop doing that ” . What a brilliant idea for song lyrics!  

 When it comes to music they are a bit different in what they like. Marisa likes ACDC and No Doubt, Micheal likes Lady Gaga and Paramore. Together they have many favorites like Lily Allen, Bruno Mars, and the Beatles.  The Beatles is exactly where their look came from (and it`s really cool). Their dad is a major Beatles fan,  so they are used to hearing the Beatles  music over and over again. As a result, they play a lot of the  Beatles songs, and have found out  that no matter how old the audience is, everyone loves  the Beatles. 

 Michael and Marisa have many performances under their belt, right around 300 to-date. For Marisa one of her favorite places that they performed at was Whisky a GoGo  in LA . She also enjoyed opening for David Archuleta and said, he was so nice to them and has an amazing voice. Michael`s favorite performance was when they opened for Drake Bell. He is a big fan of Drake and Josh, and he just couldn`t believe he was going to get to see him front and center.  They are certainly getting around all over the US, meeting and opening for some amazing people. Mitchel Musso is another Disney star that they have opened for. During the Bamboozle tour they got to meet Stereo Skyline, Boys Like Girls, and Good Charlotte.   On this tour they got to play several cities in the north east,  had a lot of fun, and hope to do it again next year. Michael and Marisa may be opening  for a lot of different people, but you can bet,  it will not be long before recognized artists will be opening , for them. They also have their own concerts, playing regularly at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston and at many other well recognized venues throughout the U.S. 


 michael and marisa at stars2come                                                                                               

   Michael and Marisa truly love to perform. For Marisa she loves to see the different audiences and see what they respond to.  She says, it is so much fun to see people get up and dance when they play, especially when they start singing the words to their original songs.  Michael loves how anything can happen and they can play off the energy in the audience, taking the show in any direction. 

 There is more to these two than just great music.   They have  both  been doing Tae Kwon Do since they were three and four and are both black belts. Marisa says her favorite thing is breaking wood and sparring. She also has done competitive gymnastics, and loves to tumble and do flips.  Marisa`s other passion is dancing. She has been dancing  her whole life, and this year she started pointe in ballet in  addition to jazz, and tap.   Michael, on the other hand, loves to create music videos and songs on his computer. In the last six months, he has set up a green room at his house so he can experiment with new programs and special effects. He produced their Lily Allen parody video which they did last year. 


Michael and Marisa at stars2come  I asked Michael and Marisa what they would like most for people to know about them, and here is what they said: 

 Well….We want to use being in the public eye to do something positive for the world.  Our first CD, released in June 2008, was 12 original songs.   We wrote songs about being a better person, living your dream and about helping protect our environment.  Our soon to be released EP has an anti-bullying song that we wrote from the point of view of the bystander.  Our intention, as middle schoolers, is to reach other middle schoolers thinking that they may listen to our message since we are kids just like them.  We think the bystander in a bullying situation is the one to take action and our song, “The Same” describes what is going through the mind of a bystander when he/she sees a friend bullying.  We hope that this song has an impact and are confident it will because we are donating a percentage of sales to Pacer Kids Against Bullying, which is a big national anti-bullying organization.  Another thing we want you to know is that we have completely opposite personalities,  but get along extremely well.  Michael is very laid back and Marisa is more type A.  We even wrote a song about that a few years ago, which is on our first CD,  “Me With You”.   This is truly two people who are devoted to helping and reaching out to others through their love for music and performing. Michael and Marisa are great examples for others, “don`t just sit and do nothing put forth the effort and make a difference”.  They should be highly commended for their efforts. An exciting new development is their new role as spokes kids in the national Kickin` It organization`s bulling campaign. The Campaign is focused on protecting youngsters and preventing at-risk situations that arise from verbal, physical, emotional, sexual and racial bullying and the dangers that follow from one-on-one incidences, group assaults and internet attacks to inappropriate text messaging. Information on Michael and Marisa`s new song, The Same, will be included in all the student packets they are distributing nationwide. 

 Michael and Marisa are very dedicated to their music, but they have never been home schooled and still attend every day. They say, that it is very difficult to fit it all in and a hectic schedule. Sometimes they have to change clothes some where along the way to their gig, and are often doing their homework and eating in the car.  They say  they would not have it any other way.  I can see they are well on their way to the top. Michael and Marisa are spectacular and their music will get you hooked. It is like the title of their first song “I Can`t Stop” as fans  “Can`t Stop”  listening . This is how you know when someone has the qualities to be a star,  you can not stop listening and the songs play over and over in your head.  You never forget their music. The band is managed by Primary Wave in NYC, and marketing and public relations role is supported by Lightning Consulting`s music division, Music On & Up. Please join me in becoming fans of   Michael and Marisa  by visiting their web site for CD`s , games and much more , michaelandmarisa.com 

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