Michelle Willis

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Michelle is a young lady that was born to sing and entertain others, and she does this very well. The voice that Michelle has is just incredible. Her voice is not just perfect pitch, but she has great theatrics in it as well and when you listen all that comes to mind is, “WOW”! She is very gifted in her voice allowing her to sing pop or theater. While she is great at singing pop, her voice is perfect for theater and she uses it very well when she is on stage. The stage is certainly where her destiny lies. It does not matter what you watch her sing, she always has great gestures, and attitude in her performances that keeps you glued to her throughout the song. When you can do this in a performance whether it is for a packed house or just one person, then you have become a star and Michelle certainly has earned that title.

Michelle made her first performance in 2004 when she was three years old at a church Christmas Eve service. The music director there said she has perfect pitch and encouraged her to pursue her gift of singing. She took this advice and now she is doing some pretty amazing things. She has made her way to the stage in theater productions taking on several different roles including lead. Michelle stared as Annie in the professional Lagniappe Theater’s production on Annie the Musical. She has also performed in front of a sold out crowd for the annual Christmas Spectacular in Alexandria, Louisiana. She really enjoyed this because it was one of the biggest productions she had been in. She loves being on stage for a huge crowd. Here just recently she performed in the production Cats with the professional Lagniappe Theater Company. All of these performances were sold out and because of the great attendance they added another show.

Michelle Willis at stars2comeThere has been a lot of great things happen for Michelle since her beginning. In 2008 she received awards at a singing recital and in 2012 for Young performer of the Year at the Lagniappe Theater.  She has also been accepted into the Louisiana Kids, Inc. as well as Live Art Cabaret, which is a performing arts troupe that celebrates modern and classic music theater as well as contemporary music.

Michelle loves to sing because she gets a great feeling of accomplishment and joy that comes afterwards when people enjoy her performances. plus the happiness that it brings to others makes it all worth while for her. The brilliance she has when it comes to singing has also landed her on TV as well. She has been featured several times on their local TV for her singing performances and interviews. When she went to audition for America’s Got Talent she was again featured on the New Orleans news channel. This past year her recording of, “Where’s The Line to See Jesus” by Becky Kelley was played by three regional radio stations during Christmas. More recently she recorded a commercial that was aired on radio.

Michelle’s goal is to become a professional singer and to get a role in a Broadway production someday. Broadway is where she is destined to be. She has accomplished many great things so far and with having so much great talent to give, she is sure to be on Broadway. While she loves the performing arts she is still just a regular kid who enjoys many things. Some of her hobbies include, reading, skating, swimming, and writing stories. She also loves the outdoors and enjoys going fishing and hunting. Michelle says she likes trying new things and has been fortunate to be able to travel the world with her parents.

Michelle is really remarkable carrying so much character in her performances. When she finally does make it to Broadway they are going to love her so much they will never let her go. One day you will be walking down Broadway and look up and there will be her name in lights. She is someone who no one will want to miss. You can keep track of Michelle on YouTube and Facebook.