Mike Kalisz

mike kalisz at stars2come   Introducing one amazing piano player and vocalist, Mike Kalisz. It is refreshing to hear someone play the piano and sing. So many people prefer the guitar, but the piano has such a wonderful sound, and it fits so well with Mike.

 Mike is fourteen years old and lives in Massachusetts. This wonderful piano player began at age five studying with Mr. Ted Milos, at the DeRossi Music School, this was after he started playing by ear. Mike, is a very talented young man to be playing the piano by ear at that early age. He now studies with Mr. Matt Richard and Mr. Todd DeRossi. He has also been taking vocal lessons for the past five months with Mrs. Sharon Jensen. She has been doing a wonderful job, Mike`s vocals are very good, he has great control and timing. Mike is a self motivated individual, he has taught himself the drums, accordion, and now teaching himself guitar. It is easy to see that Mike really enjoys music, and  he has such a great attitude when it comes to music. He has also recently begun to compose his own music, and he enjoys sharing his special skills.


mike kalisz at stars2come

 Mike`s first performance was at seven years old, at the Zeiterion Theatre in New Bedford, for a sold out show. Since his first performance, he has gone on to perform at many places, some of these places include, community events, schools, The Miss New Bedford Pageant, the Senior Sweetheart Pageant of America, and local TV shows. Everywhere Mike performs the crowds love him. He has also gotten to perform with other great performers. As a member of “Sugar & Spice”, he has performed on the main stage at the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament for two consecutive years. Mike has been the keyboard player for “Pure Sarcasm” and “Zero Gravity”.

 Mike has received many awards at the annual New England Music Festival sponsored by the A.T.A.M. He has also competed and received awards in categories such as New England Cup, standard and advanced pop, classical and duet competitions. For the first time he entered an “original Composition” category and won 3rd place. This past summer, he was the showcase winner at the Music On & Up Thirteen and Under Showcase. He has been selected as one of seven “Green Rockers” to work with GreenSchools and perform for green events throughout New England.

 Mike is certainly gaining the attention of many, and his fans are growing quickly. There has been many great piano players and there is no doubt that Mike will be among them. He recorded his first single at the Surefire Music Studios in Lowell , Ma. “I Wish I Didn`t”. With Mike`s talent this is only the first of many to come.