Mikeboymaster: an awesome vocalist

   Mike has an awesome voice ,when he sings, you can`t   help but, connect with him. Mike has this nice soft soothing sound ,that just pulls you right into the songs he sings. Not only ,do I enjoy listening to Mike , he is a really cool guy as well.

     Mike is twelve years old and lives in Germany. He started singing about two years ago and has made great progress in just a short time. Mike takes piano and voice lessons once per week, plus he has already writen and composed 21 songs of his own ( this was very impressive to me ). He writes songs about his life. When you listen to them ,pay attention to the words _ he tells a good story. He wrote one song called, ” All That For You ” _ a very nice song. Mike entered the Supertalent in Germany with that song but ,unfortunately he didn`t make it to the semi- final but, ” he said ” that the audience gave him a standing ovation but, one judge ” sadly” didn`t let him through. I learned from this that Mike has real determination and drive, because he didn`t quit like most would have . I don`t believe he will have any problem full filling his dream.

     Mike enjoys other things apart from his singing. His other hobbies are cycling, football and skiing ( which he was gone on a skiing trip when I started writing this ) then comes his favorite hobby _” music of coarse he says” . There is no denying ,that music is his favorite, it shows he is having fun and enjoying it with each and every song he sings. They keep getting better and better. I know I sure enjoy listening regular to Mike and speaking with him. I have had the privilege to get to know Mike some and he has a great personality and an all around nice guy. I look forward to hearing from him as much as I enjoy hearing him sing. He goes to a Realschule school in Germany and is in grade 7 .   His sister is starting to sing as well ” he says_ he is her idol” . He has great support from his family, his dad helps him record the videos and both his dad and mom help with everything he does. Support means alot to people like Mike_ that are tring to reach their dream. It helps to keep the imagination going to produce such wonderful songs the way he does. He most certainly has my support and I hope that everyone who listens to him, will as well . He has a new song that he has just recorded called ” Coming Home ” , this song is one he wrote and composed himself . It is an awesome song. Hope you will take time and listen at the top and ” Here In My Heart ” at bottom of artical. The visit Mike`s web site , be sure to sign his guest book…………. http://www.mikeboymaster.com/