Mikeboymaster : New Original


 Mike always writes great music. I have been supporting him for a long time now and  he just gets better with each and every song he writes. This song ” Beautiful Day ” is just another great example of his song writing abilities. He has always wrote about things with meaning . This song was one of his first songs he wrote, the music has been ready but the lyrics still needed work, and now it has come together for a wonderful song. He said,  he got the idea for the song on a bright sunny Saturday , it felt good no school and he could just relax.( I understand that completely. ) It is always a beautiful day when it is a day that you can enjoy.

Mike has a unique voice which complements the songs that he writes, I think it adds more to the meaning that he is tring to project in the song. After all if it don`t have meaning it`s nothing.  Mike has never failed yet to put together a song that didn`t make you think or smile. A lot of people only do covers which Mike has done a few, but when they move into the originals as Mike , this moves them into a whole different catagory they are not just singers any more they are artists.Read more about Mike here….